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Colon-Palooza 3

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Hotel information for CP-3 is here!!

Marriott at the Capitol
700 East 11th Street
Austin, TX 78701
512-478-1111 OR
Our contact person in Austin is Jim Moreno, Sales Manager

Room rate: $155 per night

I have 15 rooms held, so hurry and make your reservations by APRIL. After that the rooms will go back into general sale and the price will GO UP!

Lots of folks are coming earlier and staying later and make some exciting side trips to San Antonio and Corpus Christi or Galveston to meet the floating casinos!

Thursday night (April 27) dinner, drinks and fun at my home along with Karoke (for Linda).

Everyone is invited to attend - it is such a meaningful, special time. So come one, come all!

Lots of surprises too.

Let me know if you can attend!


P.S. Southwest airlines has lots of flights into the Austin area. Airport is: Austin Bergstrom International Airport. If you need transportation, let me know.

See you in Austin

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Ok, silly me - The Date is: April 27 - 30. Some folks are coming as early as April 21 and staying as long as May 1 or 2! Lots to see and do here!

Side trip to San Antonio (85 miles away) include a visit to the historic Alamo (where Jim Bowie and Davey Crockett died) and the beautiful Riverwalk as well as a trip to Galveston or Corpus Christi at the Texas coast to catch a casino boat and spend a fun day at sea testing your luck at the tables!

In Austin there is the ever famous 6th Street with all its weirdness and live music. The LBJ Presidential Library is down the street and the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Gardens will be a sight to behold at this time of the year. Central and South Texas should be awash in beautiful wildflowers.

We can visit the campus of the National Football Champions the Texas Longhorns and watch the spectacular nightly flying of the Mexican bats from under the Congress Street Bridge! It is quite awesome and is certainly a tourist site to see. (It's not as gruesome as it sounds - bats, yuck)

Well, this is just a sampling of what will be going on. Hope to see ya'll!


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Hi, I am not able to join all of you in Austin, but as you continue to plan the get togethers I wanted to share a website I just found in the 2006 March/April AARP magazine(I guess I am aging myself) Anyhow, on page 24--they talk about about anyone planning a reunion or group event. www.groople.com 888-447-6675 They negotiate group discounts and offer other help.
www.grouptravelplanet.com 866-216-3010 also negotiates deep discounts for groups and lets you manage all the comings and goings on an online account. Just thought it was interesting info for future plans.

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Hi Kerry....all the talk here among our friends is our trip to the states.We absolutely cannot wait to get there. Still a way off but time will go qickly. Karaoke!....look out Linda...you might have a sparring partner! Jen and I are going to brush up on our bootscootin before we go.
I tried to ring you Saturday Kerry but I guess you are very busy. We do hope that you are doing ok....geezzz...you are a worry for us.
lotsa luv n huggs...Ross n Jen

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Kerry, I'd like to thank you for all your assistance in helping to book our trip. I have already made my flight arrangements and on Monday I will contact the hotel. I am getting so excited.

I do feel bad for my kids. My daughter (5y/o) got into bed with my this morning and when I woke up, she was lying next to me crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said she wants to come with me to Texas. Well the guilt I felt!! I explained to her that it was all adults and she would have more fun staying here with Suzanne (their daycare mom), but she just got hysterical.

I know I need to do this for myself...just get away for a few days. It's so hard to grieve when taking care of the kids. We both had a good cry and I'm sure she'll be ok. I know it's perfectly normal for grieving children to worry about the only parent leaving....I'm so torn up right now.

I am planning on a week at the beach with them in June. We went a couple of years ago and the kids had a blast. Anyway, sorry for rambling. I look forward to meeting ya'll (texas lingo).


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I know how difficult it must be for you and the children. It is important during this adjustment period that they know and learn that their Mom will be back and with daily phone calls you can reassure her. We'll help find something special from Texas for her.

You need some time and support for yourself as well. We are here to give you that support and I know you will be embraced!!

Look forward to seeing you!



P.S. I have a great Karoke machine and we'll get it all warmed up for you.

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I will be there but promise you I WILL NOT BE DOING ANY KAROKE!!!!!!!! I can't even hum on tune. I will polish up my "**** kicker"..ooops, boots.......

For those that are interested, some of us going early are planning on heading to the gulf coast on Tuesday afernoon and return on Thursday. We want to go out on one of those sunset/casino cruises if weather permits.......more on that as time gets closer.

Lisa P.

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Kerry

Lisa and I are looking forward to coming to Austin and having a big Texas Party! Thank you for doing all the leg work to make CP3 possible. We are booking our room tomorrow and have booked our flights already.See you in April!!!

Love Andy & Lisa

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For everyone booking rooms tomorrow......I spoke with the Marriott this afternoon and the block of rooms has not reached the operators at their 1-800 number yet - so if you have any problems, call the direct number or wait a day while they get their act together!



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Hi everyone.... Xeeena here. Today is Tuesday 28th and we tried to book our rooms, but the hotel doesn't have all the info in the system yet and has asked me to try again Thurs. Sooooo... meanwhile we are checking into flights. Nothing solid yet, but can't wait! Can't wait! Jana.. hope you make it ok through your surgery and you can make it out to join us. It was good to chat with you an the phone.
As for Karoke... I'm not much of a singer, but I wouldn't miss singin' with Ross for the world! I'm not there to entertain, just have a good time and I can let my hair down (what little I have) and sing with ya all.
Love n' hugggs ~ Wanda ...aka Xeeeeena! :-)

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Kerry - so good to see a post from you!! I have been so worried about you. I hope you are doing OK.

Thanks for setting all this up. I think I am going to book a room, and just cancel if I don't feel OK. I CANNOT wait to meet everyone. I am with Lisa - no karoke for me (well, actually for all of you :))

Kerry I hope you are doing great. If you are still around - or have the treatments finished - I would love to see you. I am having my surgery on Tues. So I will be at MDA and hopefully bored!

Take care and keep in touch. jana

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I'll be there, but no singing coming from my lips. I can't wait.

Kerry, when you feel up to it, let's meet and see what needs to be done to make this palooza one to remember.

Love to all,


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What a lovely suggestion Kay.....I don't care what Kerry tells us...I think she tells little white lies about coping ok.I am sure with all she is going thru right now, chemo , radiation, travelling to and from Houston AND trying to organise our fun times....it has all gotta be tiring her.
KERRY!....you make sure you let Kay help yah gal!
It would sure make us feel a little better.
You guys are tooooooo much!
love Ross n Jen

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