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Good News and Questionable News

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Hi all -

Last Thursday, I had a PET/CT and the results were to quote my oncologist "fabulous". For the third time there is no evidence of disease. She is now consulting with a National Cancer Institute specialist about the possibility of an RFA to zap the area where the met initially showed up. I'll hear back next week - I'd have to be part of a clinical trial, but apparently there are all levels of trials and I might qualify for one that doesn't require anything like not taking Avastin again if necessary. So, we shall see. She is very positive about my outcome (makes me feel good) and will call me by next Thursday about the outcome of her consults with NCI. So, this is pretty much as good as it gets and if we end up doing RFA, I'm ready.

So, that's the great news.

The not so great news is that I had a mammogram last Friday and my oncologist called to say they want me to come back for further compression to rule out anything. So, I am freaked out. Doc says not to freak out, that it is very common and that she actually doesn't care for the radiology clinic I went to and that she herself always has to have repeat mammograms. But still I am nervous. And also angry, because the clinic told her they had contacted me to return and actually they have not! Damn! (Pardon!) So, tomorrow I call for a more serious - i.e. squish it down even more - mammogram. I am just not sure how I can deal with it if it turns out I have breast cancer too. But, one day at a time. Any good wishes will really be appreciated.


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Hi Betsy I pray that you get news. You have been through enough and you dont need this. Keep us updated. Mindy

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Hi Betsy:

Grrreat to hear your "fabulous" news!!! NED your good friend is with you. That's great.

Sounds like you may want to use a different radiology shop in the future. It may very well be their mistake but you have to put up with worrying and more discomfort. That's really frustrating! I hear ya about the more squishing. I had to have mine done days after I had my port put in, so it was tugging at a very sore spot already, yikes.

I think you are doing absolutely the right thing - which is to take it one day at a time, and have faith in what your oncologist's hunch is. Sounds like your onc has been good for you.

I am beaming good luck vibes to you ~~~~~~luck~~~~~!


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Mindy, JADot - you are already making me feel better! Thanks so much. I'll keep you posted (and I will definitely do my juicing thing tomorrow!)


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Hi Betsy, similar story with my wife (stage IIIc) last fall. Felt a small nodule under her arm (I felt it too) and freaked out (understandably!). By the time the mammogram was done, the nodule was gone, and results were clear. Apparently it was some type of "residue" from where her port was inserted.

It's probably nothing. Sounds like you are doing great!

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Glad to hear about NED! I'm sending all my good vibes your way for your other squish! Thoughts and prayers are with you. Sue

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Congrats on your NED.

I know it is easier said than done, but try not to worry too much about the mammagram. I have had to have an ultrasound in the past. It was only cysts. I am sending positive vibes your way.


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Good vibes and best wishes are going your way from me.


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hiya Betsy....boobysqeeze?....YOWCH!Sometimes I think us blokes are on the better side of sexuality. I know when Jen had a mammogram she had some unusual spots show so it was back for another go....luckily only some muscle tissue that went...err how do you say..tough...sinewey...something like that. Anyway she was fine but the look on her face after the results came in showed her relief so I can understand how you gals feel now. I like Andy's approach...have a feel.....aw...don't laugh now....I do it also Andy and for the very same reason. Sometimes Jen is not sure what she feels, although she is pretty aware of what to look for....metinks she wants me to check her out just to be a little more confident she misses nothing.
Nothing wrong with that I say.
We are hoping that all will be well Betsy, Ross and Jen

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Hi Besty,

Juast wanted to let you know, it's pretty common practice to do additional films. Since my diagnosis, 2 years ago, I have had 2 mammo's. Both times, I was called back for more films.

It is so common, that my group has you wait till the Radiologist reads the films, before you go. That way, they just get the additional films before they let you go home.

Think positive thoughts.

Love to you,


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All - thanks so much for the good thoughts, hugs and humor. It helps a lot.

I have a repeat mammogram scheduled for next Friday PM (unfortunately I couldn't get it sooner). Everyone tells me it is "probably nothing". I intend to enjoy my weekend and not let this consume me (easier said than done, of course). Thanks all.


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Oh Betsy,

You have me hurting just thinking of the extra "squish" as someone said. I am sending you good vibes and my prayers that this is the radiology dept just doing their job and being extra cautious. Hugs!


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Hi Betsy:
Ditto to what everyone else says- a second look is mostly just routine..so try very hard not to let it consume you- I'm sure it will be just fine- but I'll be thinking of you and saying a little prayer.

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