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Been gone awhile...

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Hi Everyone,
Just thought I'd drop a line to let You know I just returned from Mississippi ,being with my Sister for her surgery.Everything went well those first shots of chemo worked and shrunk down the tumors,they think they got all of the cancer,now she is suppose to have 3 more rounds of chemo and a years worth of Taxol.
I'm still having a hard time with several things like my Sister looks to have aged 15 years,I can't believe it,I know people in my family don't age well but that much change so suddenly???I felt terrible and I know it didn't make her feel any better when she finally got her room at the hospital almost every nurse that came in thought I was her daughter,there is only 7 years difference between us, I think word finally got around and that all stopped.She has been through soooo much, she hasn't had time to greive for her Husband yet. And to top it all off they look to be at a stand still with the clean up of Hurricane Katrina. I parked down at the beach and just cried--there are still people living in tents,some have fema trailers others don't -what few restuarants are open close at 2 or 3 in the afternoon because they don't have people to work.Alot of the people that lost everything aren't coming back and all of the trees that were left along the beach still look like they've been ravished with cotton and debri,all of the beautiful old homes that survived Camille back in the sixties are gone now.The beaches are still full of debri ,in the water and sand and can You believe they are still finding bodies. I am soooo glad to be back home(NC), but sad at lifes circumstances.Please remember to pray for all the people down there that everyone else seems to have forgotten.
God Bless You All

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Prayers and hugs

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Blessings to you for being there for your sister and family. What a trying time - her illness, the loss of her husband, and living in a devastated area. I can only say, sending many prayers and super big hugs your and your sister's way. Keep us up to date.

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