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I posted this on the thread but was afraid you wouldn't find it.


He has had the surgery, and we were pleasantly surprised in that the surgeon did it laparoscopically. He said he did not have any scar tissue and he is "absolutely amazing." He is 58, and has had a hernia repair, appendicitis, and the colon resection so he is fortunate in his healing.

The pathology report:

"Metastatic poorly differentiated colonic adenocarcinoma, 1.7 cm in greatest dimension"

"Would presume that the metastatic presacral tumor with focal extension to cauterized edges (margins) in the soft tissue with no suggestion of lymph node likely represents venular metastasis beyond the domain of the sigmoid mesocoln, hence M1."

Does "focal extension to cauterized edges" mean they probably did not get all the cancer cells?

Also, the onc. is wanting to see what his CEA is before deciding on whether to do chemo or radiation. If it is down below normal, radiation. Even if there was more cancer in there would the CEA not drop fairly drastically (below normal) with the removal of this tumor? His CEA before removal of the presacal tumor was 5.5. I would expect the CEA to be below 3.0 at this point. But what do I really know.

This is so much harder because with the original cancer, it was easy to find what the "protocol" for treatment was.

When do you get your CEA checked again? How long have you had the presacral mass? What grade is it?


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