What do I do? I did it. So take note. Robotic laperscopic is great.

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Before the week of Feb 3, 2006 I was set to do a robotic laperscopic surgery. I asked the chat room what were their thoughts because I was diagnosed with a 6 gleason, and had been watchful wating for almost 2 years, averaging psa's between 4.5-5.1. I had mixed emotions and was thinking to still wait. For those who responded thank you. I went ahead with the surgery and here it is. Friday night a 6 hour surgery, the doctor spending a little more time for the nerve sparing procedure. 1 am in my room and 7:30 in the morning walking around the hospital with only stomache pain. No nausea or tiredness from the anesthesia. Sunday, I was home for the super bowl. I had the catheter in until Friday, 7 days and it was out. A foley for the day that you constantly empty and a night bag. No big thing if you don't think about it. It was awkward but no real problem. I walked every day for 2-3 miles. Yes, it was unbelievable. But here is the real story. When the path report came back it was not perfect. The 6 gleason was more agressive and even though it was only 5% of the gland iot did penetrate or grow outside the gland. It was really a gleason 7. If I had known that I woudl have been more nervous. The vescular and tissue reports and the bladder tissue reports were negative, so it was a good indication but maybe, just maybe, somewhere down the road, a cell may have gone somewhere else. Or maybe not. So I will be looking at a psa for the rest of my life, but no problem. I am healthy and happy it was done. If something does come up it can be treated and it was still my best decision to have it done. Thank G-d I made that decision, thinking it was less agressive otherwise I probably would have been more nervous and anxious. That would not have been so good. Incontinence is almost nothing at this point. Just a little. No heavy sex just yet, but I need to be patient. I know from others that it will be a diffeent event but I want to be optimistic. It is more than 2 weekas after and the only problem is a lower back pain that seems to come from no where. But new tests and CT's and ultrasounds show I am healing real good. So a little pain management and I hope it will pass. But if you are considering a treatment and I highly recommend you decide to do it and get it over, Robotic is a minimally evasive procedure that is better than you can imagine. And I know, you early detected guys will have a better path report than me, but we will all be okay. I had mine done from Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles. Dr. Ng and Dr. Fuchs. Dr. Ng has followed me closely and has done everything for my pain and He will not be happy until it is all better. Good luck to you all and if you want to leave me a number I will be happy to talk to you at any time. I am here to heal and help if I can. My pleasure.



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    GREAT update! Glad to hear you are doing so well. My surgeon told me that sexual arrousal is 90% mental so you should do fine. Postings like this are extremely helpful to men newly diagnosed.