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very confused on how to support

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I am the wife of a man who lost his first love to hodgkins about 8 years ago, and whose father was giagnosed with liver and lung cancer this past July which has now spread into his bones. He is receiving chemo and radiation 4 x a week and a calcium treatment once a month. The doctor is not saying much except whichever area they radiate one week may have a new tumor he next. He is a young 54 and I worry for both my husband and mother in law. Because they have not said anything I wonder what it going on. they recently put him on blood pressure meds and he up til the bone cancer has been very strong. He continues to go to work everyday even with the chemo and radiation and was told 2 days ago that they found something on his hip that they would not treat until it became painful. He is currently being teated for tumors in his 3rd vertebrae and one in his neck. I am very sad for them. He is a great man who gave up smoking when I got pregnant with his granddaughter because he wanted to see her get married. I know you are not doctors but any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Irinprincess,
I suggest also going to the website Lung Cancer Support Community or LCSC at www.lchelp.com. Click on the link Message board on the home page - that will take you to their forums index page. Scroll down the page and find the forum called Family Members/Caregivers and put your post into that forum (you need to register).

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Sorry for missing this, my dear, you angels are sooo important to us that are fighting the beast! One thing you need to do it make sure your hubby stays VERY WELL in tune with his body changes. This beast is relentless, and can follow a family (my mom had cancer before me, her dad before her). I am 50, and work as much as possible, too....
I suggest you just offer yourself to hubby and his family for anything that you can do to help. You have already started, by researching the Internet!!!! There is also a 24-hour line to American Cancer Society for questions.....they are VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE. I battle my beast with laughter...poke fun at it with every opportunity. I try not to talk about it all the time, but without hair (breast chemo), it sort of is "in your face" all of the time.
But, as I said, you are our angels, keeping us as safe as possible. Just love him, that's the most important thing. And offer support.

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