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Get Cat Scan results

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Hey Ya'll, Hope all is well. I am getting ready to go to the doctor, my appt. is at 11:00 to get the results of my cat scan. Through all of this I don't believe I have been this nervous before,so please say a prayer for me and my family, my mother and husband are going with me. As I have said before I haven't let my son know that I have had a reccurrence, I was trying to get him through the holidays and everything, had my last surgery the end of Nov. and he just thought it was scar tissue, but depending on what happens today I may have to tell him. I hate the control this disease has on ones life it is so from the devil, but....
God is faithful and he is worthy of all my praise, and that is what I am going to do this morning. Take care and God Bless each of you.


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Hi Jan
I read your post and said a prayer. I hope all is going well. Let us know.

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We're all so anxious to hear from you. Drop us a line when you can. I will be heading off to my appointment with the doc today, also at 11am.

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Good luck, I will be thinking of you, I just said a little prayer. I also just had my latest cat scan, which was clear. Thank God.

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Prayers and hugs

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Jan Q
what happened with your results?

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I am so sorry I have not gotten back sooner. My results were great, everything remains stable. There are lesions but nothing has changed from the last scan so looks like it is scar tissue. Praise God! Thnak you all for all your prayers.

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