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Hello! OC-IIIC (alive and kicking)

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I wanted to say hello!

I have to say that I have my hair back, and feel really good. I lost my job the other day that was very stressful, but other than the money and insurance part, I feel better now in my life than I every have, and wanted to share that with everyone here. I hope to be on here more often and chck my e-mail too. I am 33yrs old and was diagnoised Nov. 5th, 2004 with OC-IIIC and had a full hystrectomy, lymph node removal, and 6 months of Carbo-Taxol. My Ca125 was 297 before surgery - now my Ca125 - 9.
I want to enjoy my life and new hair, I have never had curly hair before - any suggestions? *)

Take Care


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Hi! I was diagnosed Dec 3, 2004 with 3B Ovarian Cancer. I also have hair now. My hair had curl in it before I lost it so I was really hoping that it would come back in straight. No such luck! Through all the years I have learned to straighten my hair with a blow dryer and a brush. You just pull it straight while you dry it. You will still have some curl but you will be able to manage it a lot better. If yours was straight before you may want to just let it curl. Best of Luck! Paula

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Hi Jackie, Congratulations on the ca125 of 9, that is truly awesome and for sharing your positive attitude.


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Hi Jackie! I'm glad to hear your hair is back. Mine came in wavy (after being straight), but has resumed its straightness after a while.

That's a great CA125 count. Mine's never been that low!

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Hi Jackie,
I am new here, and I want to congratulate you on your survival. I am 53, diagnosed with OC-II in Sept. 2003. My CA 125's have all been normal, even before treatment.Had the same exact treatment as you. I love my new curly hair...I keep it short because it's easier. If it gets too long, it looks too wild. Enjoy life, smell the roses, listen to music, hug everyone. Be happy.

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