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gemzar & carboplatin combination therapy

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Hi, my doctor sent me to cleveland to get a consult. I have reoccured with a liver nodule consistent with met of ovarian ca. My doctor was thinking of this, like, pin radiation therapy and then chemo. The Cleveland doc said don't bother with the radiation-just do combination therapy chemo of gemzar and carboplatin. Any input on this. Anyone on it, heard anything about it, etc.

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This is a pretty normal combination given for recurrent ovarian cancer. I am on just gemzar right now and don't know yet how it is working.

Are you on the ovarian list serv through acor.org? If you are ask there as I know many women have been on it.

Prayers and Hugs Bonnie

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I don't know if acor.org is one I belong to. I am going to check.

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Hi! I have a cousin that was on Cisplatin and Gemzar, which is simalar. She just had 2 or 3 of the cisplaltin with the gemzar. She is still on gemzar. She is on for 2 weeks and off one. She is still on Gemzar and that's been about 7 or 8 months and doing good. I wish you the best. Good Luck! Paula

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