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I had a colon recection after finding out that My polyp contained cancer, They said I am at a stage 2-a and now they want me to do Chemo along with Avastin as a clinical trial. Has anyone participated in this trial or would anyone have information about this trial either good or bad ?

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Hi Shirleyann - welcome. I'm guessing Avastin treatment is a "trial" because you are only Stage 2. Many of us Stage IV's have been on Avastin along with other chemo such as 5FU and oxaliplatin - results have been good. I don't know anything about Avastin treatment for Stage II cancer, but if I were you I would go for it - your outcome is likely to be excellent.


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Thank you for your response, what kind of side effects can I expect?

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Shirleyann - side effects probably depend more upon the other chemo drugs than on Avastin. In general I think Avastin causes few side effects - theoretically it can cause bleeding, but mostly, as long as its use is separated from surgery, I don't think that is an issue.

Let us know what the rest of your chemo protocol will be and there are lots of folks here who can provide advice.


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Hi Shirleyann,

Welcome to the site!

I'm also a stage 2a...diagnosed 12/04. I opted not to go into the trial (I think I know which one you're referring to). Everyone needs to make their own decision regarding participation in clinical trials. Read the consent form before signing and ask any questions you have of the study physician and study coordinator. The consent form and study staff should discuss potential risks and potential benefits and the study staff should answer any other topics you ask about. Then make your decision based on what's right for you.

Good luck!


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I echo Howard..make sure that they disclose the details of the trial, and research-(google) the name of the chemo. You can find out more about Avastin @ www.drugs.com, or www.avastin.com. bud

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If you're referring to the AVANT trial (at UCLA?) you may want to read the links in this article, as I believe they have stopped randomization in at least one arm of the trial due to unexpected deaths.

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I am in arm 2 (Folfox plus avastin) and have completed 6 rounds for stage IIIA colon cancer. Resection was October 2005 with 2 nodes positive. So far the reactions I have had (tingling fingers and nausea and extreme tiredness) seem to be more from the oxaliplatin. I did have a rash appear when they changed the infusion time of the Avastin from one hour to one half hour. I was hospitalized overnight for observation. The following treatment I was pretreated more heavily with steroids and antihistimines and still developed the rash -- this was when they narrowed the cause to the Avastin. The next treatment (#6) the docs changed the treatment time and I had no rash.

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The NY Times released an article last earlier this week regarding Avastin. You might be interested in checking it out. NYTimes.com and then a further search. All the best to you - Maura

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I had a colon resection in October 2004 and went on a Trial with 5FU and Avastin. I have now completed the course (6 months on 5FU and 12 Months on Avatin). I was on stage 3 with cells in some lymph nodes. MRI scans and sonar scans are clear. The only major side effects were from the 5FU, although I have had hay fever type symptoms with post nasal drip all through the 12 months. One side effect that I have attributed to the Avastin is sore shoulders, sore knee and a sore spot on my calf. I have been arguing with the oncologists about this, they maintain that my sore shoulders are as a result of Rotator Cuff Syndrome from an injury, but why both shoulders? Has anybody on Avastin had any of these symptoms?

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Trevorb, Sounds like we had the same regimen. Stage III(with lymph node involvement)I think I am on the same clinical trial that you were on - I have 4 more treatments. I have had a lot of pain from the AVASTIN since I stopped the chemotherapy, particularly my wrists, arms, ankles and legs. My doctor was not quite sure how to handle it since he said it was not a normal reaction to the AVASTIN. We discussed the fact that I never had the pain while on the chemo and determined that the intravenous steroids that they had given me might have been preventing the pain. So, he prescribed a steroid pack which knocked out the pain after only a couple of days but now it has come back in BOTH of my shoulders and upper arms. I'm so glad I saw you post - now I don't think I'm totally crazy!

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Your doctor should be able to give you a booklet on the trial or you can call 1-800-4-cancer and ask them to send you information. If it is the same trial my husband is in (stage 3C) it is being conducted by National Sugical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project (NSABP). All of his side effects so far have been attributed to the Folfox 6. Good luck to you.

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Hmmm..why are they suggesting chemo at all for 2a? I am 2b with 2 really ugly tumors that have grown through the colon wall, hence I am on FOLFOX6 - 5FU/Oxaliplatin. I am really wondering why they feel you need chemo at all. Ya know chemo isn't the best thing for your heart/liver/nerve endings/kidney etc. Just wondering. Of course this is always a very personal decision. My onc at UCSF has a paper on the internet which talks about adjuvant chemo for stage 2/3 patients. You might want to give that a look. The paper is at http://www.medscape.com/viewprogram/3926_pnt. If the link doesn't work for you, google "Venook Adjuvant Chemotherapy for Stage II".


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I was on Avastin as part of stage IV colon cancer two years ago. It was great, it did wonders for me. I'm currently on Erbitux and that too is great

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