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catheater removal

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I suppose I should have asked the doctor's office about this, but as usual, it didn't come to mind till this morning.

I was prescribed "cipro" to be taken the day before, day of, and the day after removal. Like most of the post I've read on this subject, the catheater has become very annoying and I'm glad it's time to be rid of it.

Since I didn't find it necessary to take any medications for pain after leaving the hospital should I take one maybe an hour before my appointment in anticipation of pain upon removal of the catheater?

Also, if the subject does'nt come up, should I ask about ED stimulant drugs at this time or is this a little too early. My mind says it's not.


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On an earlier visit, the nurse suggested taking a Vicodin pain reliever before arriving for the catheter removal. I took a Vicodin and a 5 mg tranquilizer. At the catheter removal appointment on the 21st day post surgery, the nurse asked me to remove my trousers, sit on the examination table and lay back. Before I was even aware of what was happening, she said that the catheter was out and that I could stand and dress. In my case, the process of removing the catheter was completed without pain. Cipro is an antibiotic.

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William, I trust you are doing well and very anxious to get the catheter out. The Cipro is an antibiotic for protection and the removal of the cathteter should be almost painless. Just relax if possible and you will only feel a tugging sensation. Asking about ED help is early but will not hurt. It is good to be thinking about a complete recovery. Be sure to take some Depends of some kind with you to handle the leaking.

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When I had my cath removed it was for the most part painless. I had a slight feeling of it coming out , but the relief of it out was a great feeling. Having the staples removed tweeked more than the cath removal.
All the best,

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The removal will be painless, it was for me, and a great relief. The nurse had me standing, however, and I had quite a bit of urine drain out once it was removed - nothing I could do to stop it, once the "plug" was pulled.

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My Thanks to all of you,

My appointment is 8:30 am tomorrow. I'll probably take a pain pill before arrival just in case.

After all it can't hurt anything but my ego.

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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Well......I'll agree it wasn't painful, but it was uncomfortable as hell. Evidently the inside of the plumbing had changed since insertion.

The nurse instructed me to drop my pants and to sit in a chair prepared for this proceedure. She got some absorbant cloth to catch the overflow and then deflated the baloon. All was cool at this point! At this time she instructed me to lean back into the chair and to take a deep breath. All went well till the point of the baloon mechanism reached the head. The tube came to a screeching halt. Evidently this area of the plumbing had shrunk since insertion. Needless to say I followed her out of the chair screaming.... STOP! STOP!! STOP!!!
We were both embarrassed. I slid back into the chair and she pushed the tube back in a few inches and gave another pull. This time she stopped when she met the resistance. After the third try she looked me right in the eye. I guess the expression on my face suggested she go find the Doctor. When he entered the room a moment later she was continually explaining the difficulty of removing the tube. He sat down in front of me and over his shoulder commented to her he had never failed to remove a catheater from a patient!

The good Doctor didn't instruct me to take a deep breath or even say "Ready or Not". To my horror, he took the catheter tube in one hand and my private part in the other and OUT it CAME. I think time stood still for few moments. Anyhow, as they left the room the nurse told me I could get dressed. A few minutes later..... I took a deep breath and did just that.
I was ready to GO HOME.

As my wife was exiting the parking lot my precious little grand daughter asked... "Papa, did it hurt when they removed the staples". I screamed STOP!!! Thought my wife was going to wreck us for a minute. She couldn't believe we forgot to remove the staples.

The nurses were laughing as I re-entered the building. I'd almost bet the family farm they were laughing at what had just taken place only a few moments ago during the catheter removal. As I informed them we had forgoten to remove the staples earlier they burst into laughter. So Back into the room we went. The same nurse as before asked if I would trust her to remove the staples. We both had another good laugh and the removal of the staples was a breeze.

All this worry about loss of length went out the window when I saw how far it would stretch. I'm telling ya, wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't a seen it with my own eyes.

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Wow, what an experience. My nurse had trouble at first trying to deflate the balloon, but once she did it came out with no pain. Prior to removing it though, she did fill my bladder with fluid and had me stand up and pee in cup once it was removed, I guess to ensure that the plumbing was still working with no blockages. Humility sure goes out the window during catheter removal. My doctor did no use removable staples so didn't have to have any removed, which was nice. It was great to get the catheter out though. There is no love lost there.

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Thaks for your catheter experience, you had me in stitches. Stand up comedy is your next experience in life Hope you heal well.

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You will only feel one mildly sharp pain at its removal. You shouldn't need a pain pill. And yes it is way too early for sex, but that is up to your doctor.

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