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sad day today

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First I apologise for not answering any posts as I am away from home and borrowed a puta and have limited access time.
I had some news today that a dear friend, Janette, who for the past 6 years has fought a cancer that has spread throughout her body, is now under full care with failing health.
I went to visit her tonight and I could see a brightness in her eyes as I walked in and hugged her. I have been visiting her for the past 2 years.....ever since I met her in my chemo clinic.
Janette has that special bond we talk about...she also has that special love. I am sad tonight because I know that the time for fighting this cancer is almost over for Janette. Horrible to say, I know, but she told me that she is in full acceptance of her destiny....she wants to be at peace and she knows that there is no more to be done for her. I know that this is true...I know that this wonderfull lady has battled for so very long. She is tired and wants to end the suffering. Janette has NEVER given up....but her body has. A wonderfull lady I ask you to pray for.
Tonight I hugged her, cried with her...and I said goodbye. I phoned Jen and told her my friend was losing the battle...Jen cried with me too.
Janette fought a cancer that spread throughout her body......and she fought it for over 6 courageous years.
Dear friends who are also fighting.......Janette never, ever gave up...I witnessed the last 2 years!
Pray for her my friends.
Huggs Ross and Jen

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I will say a prayer for her and her family and Im so sorry you have to lose such a wonderful friend. Mindy

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You will all be in my prayers Ross, love Foxy.

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Ross -

It's always hard to say goodbye, but you hit the nail on the head when you said that she is ready for some peace. I think we mourn more for the fact that we will miss our friend's company on a regular basis, yet we know that they will be in a better place.

You're a good man, Kanga, for being the loyal, caring friend that you are. I will keep you and all of our friends in my thoughts and prayers.

I wish your friend Janette the peace she seeks. I wish you the joy of having known her. I wish us all health.

- SB

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Prayers are powerful and I will pray for both of you. Take care, irmasfaith

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So sorry to hear the news of your very special friend! My heart aches for you as saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do. You are a loyal friend to her as there aren't to many true friends in the world today that really care.

Just know that you are in my prayers. I will be sending your friend one of the special rainbows you sent me through the years for her to cherish!

You have helped her in a way that NO ONE else could being a true friend and being there for her!!!

Love Always!

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You, your friend and everyone on this site are in my prayers and thoughts daily. Take care.Dash

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Dear Ross,

Watching fellow "chemo friends" suffer and lose their battle is the hardest part of being a cancer survivor.

I know that Janette feels your love and is comforted by your support.

May her passing be peaceful. I'm keeping Janette, her family, and you and Jen in my prayers.

Love and hugs,


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I would like to think that the strength of your friendship has kept Janette going all this time; you are full of love, and share it freely..she will be in my prayers.
The love and support I've found here on CSN has been my salvation at times when there was no one to reach out to..there's a lot of love here. Bud

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Hi Ross and Jen,

My heart aches. I am so sorry Janette must go through this.

As the others have said, you are a wonderful friend.

I've often thought about "my time". I think the hardest thing is the loved ones we leave behind. They are the ones that will be sad. Janette will be free of the pain and suffering that this disease has put upon her.

I pray that Janette find strength, peace and comfort. I pray her loved ones find courage and peace to see her through this.

God bless.

All my love,


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Ross & Jen, you and your friend are both in my prayers.


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Hullo all. Finally,I am back home with my biggest love...Jen. We talked about Janette and Jen understands my heartache that is with me now. I heard today that Janette is comfortable but her time with us may be short.
Jen met her some time ago when Janette was able to be outside in her garden.
Thank you dear friends for your prayers. I await the inevitable bad news but know that a lovely lady will find peace and will forever be in the arms of our friends who have passed.
huggs all...Ross and Jen

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