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Possible Recurrance

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Hi, so here are my particulars - diagnosed HD stage IIB in March 2003, ABVD and about 3 weeks of radiaiton. Remission. Until now, I've found some more lumps in my neck. I have sensations in these areas like before I was diagnosed and also some chest pains. I know that this could be psychological, but it's really freaking me out, especially combined with the real (not imagined) lumps, oh and then there's the tiredness, intermitent night sweats and always picking up other little sicknesses. So, what I'm wondering, after looking at prognosis of recurrance - yeah, I know I shouldn't have done it - is, WHAT NEXT? I'm so so scared. I would love to hear from anyone who faced a similar situation (recurrance after less that a year of combined treatment) and came through it. I know I haven't had my CT scan yet, so I do have little hope that it'll be ok, but everything just feels so similar to before I was diagnosed) Don't get me wrong, I am trying to think positively, I may not be sounding it, but I know if I had it again I could fight it again and I'll get better. I guess I just need a little help and this forum was really good to me before, so I hope you can help again!

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HD IIB in Aug 2000, had ABVD and radiation, cancer came back in Feb 2002.

Don't jump to conclusions just yet. I know that every lump and bump freaks you out of course, but some of your symptoms may be hormonal, lack of thyroid function, or a number of other things.

I know that trying not to worry is next to impossible, but I tried (sometimes successfully) to look at it this way. Worrying wasn't going to change the test results, and if the test results were bad I would have plenty of real time to worry. On the other hand, if the results were good than I would've spent all that time worrying when I could've been doing something so much better.

Worst case scenario...it is back. You will find out what your options are and you will tackle this with the same vengence that you did the first round.

I ended up with a stem cell transplant and am cancer free and doing just great.

Whatever happens, you CAN do this.

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Thanks so much for your message. Well, guess what, I went to the doctor today for some CT results and anything was fine. As the scan and results day came closer I really started to heed your advice about not worrying though, and now I'm so glad I did. Thank you so much.

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Hi Iozza,I know you posted this several months aga, but, you also need to get a PET scan. If you google CT Hodgkins, you will learn that CT scans miss up to 40% of lymphomas. I do not want to needlessly worry you, but we should all be aware that there are much better diagnostic tools out there that can be much better at catching things ealier.

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