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xeloda and rectal bleeding

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Hi everyone, does anyone know if a side effect of Xeloda is rectal bleeding? My dad has been taking it for about 2 weeks and started having rectal bleeding. He has had rectal bleeding in the past but he is concerned its from the Xeloda. Thanks if anyone has any information on it.

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Hi Mindy

My boyfriend had rectal bleeding about 3 weeks after starting Xeloda. He was checked out and nothing seemed amiss. Same thing happened just before Christmas and again nothing sinister showed up in tests. Docs said that it could be haemorrides (spelling?!). I did read that a less common side effect of Xeloda is rectal bleeding. He's been fine since and has had another clear scan- still on Xeloda.

Hope this helps


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I've been on Xeloda 2 weeks and no blood coming out.

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I am a stage 3 and have been on 5FU and Xeloda for 2 1/2 months (daily- 2 weeks on then one week off). Shortly after starting the Xeloda I started with the rectal bleeding. It is only a small amount, but frequent. However, I just thought it was a side effect of all the side effect problems ie: constipation, diahrrea, hemorrhoids,etc. I will talk to my doctor about this. Please post if you find out anything. I'll so the same.

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