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caregiver obsessed with cancer....anyone else?

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greetings. I lost my mom to breast cancer that developed into secondary(liver, lungs, and brain) in august of 2004. I"m 30 years old and feel that i have been dealing with it pretty well, but I've noticed that I tend to obsess on cancer now. Anytime I get even a measley cold I start to have looming thoughts that I too have cancer now. Is this normal? Does anyone else feel like this? I would love any and all input. Thank you so much.


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Mylin, I've had those feelings. My husband had malignant melanoma, now my brother has prostate cancer, and for the longest time any mark on somebody's face or any pain in the sinuses, anything made me worry about cancer. I hope it fades as a feeling with time, but I think your worry is understandable. I hope you let it diminish -- see if you can stop playing the tape of the fear of cancer. It's not easy to do, but for me, 2 years after my husband had successful surgery for the melanoma, it's not as bad. And I think my brother's surgery got all of the prostate cancer, but we'll have to wait and see.

I'm sorry for your loss, too. You're pretty young to lose a mother.

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I lost my husband feb.25 to salivary gland cancer. started 2 years ago we thought it was gone then he developed a tumor in his eye sept.2005. it had came back in his brain,lungs,liver,stomach. he developed blood clots feb.15 he lived ten days. I feel so alone its scary. he had a very rare cancer that there is hardly any research on it. he was 53 years old the 27 of march is our anniversary and now i feel that the world has ended for my life.any help out there?

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hi, i was just diagnosed with eye cancer, i have to have aradiation plaque put in. i am sorry to hear about your husband. i am 43. i am scared for my wife an kids, i hope it is not in my brain, i want to get rid of my eye, but they want to go radiation first, greg

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