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excessive mucous after radiation

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My husband suffers from thick, stringy mucous. He received 38 treatments of radiation, 3 years ago, for tumor under his tongue. He has a feeding tube because he is enabled to swallow. He uses a suction machine all day and throughout the night to help get a short time of relief, but it begins again. He has used many combinations of mouth rinses..... Baking Soda, Salt, Club Soda, Diet Lemon/Lime soda, etc. to no avail. Cannot take anti-histamines because of Congestive Heart Failure. Does anyone else suffer from a wet mouth? He just doesn't have any quality of life. But he is a fighter and would go to the moon for help if he had to.

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I finished radiation past September (39 treatments) for my tongue cancer that was removed by surgery last April. I have excessive saliva now on occasion which is making my speech therapy hard right now. I just carry tissues where ever I go. I'm so sorry for your husband's predictament. There is a great head and neck cancer doctor at UCLA. His name is Joel Sercarz and if there is something that can help he will know about it.

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