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Navelbine- cancer coming back

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For those of you that have been following our story, apparently my husband's cancer (NSCLC adenocarcinoma stage 3b) is back, which would explain his very difficult time breathing. My question is has anyone out there had a good response to the chemo drug Navelbine? This is what he will be on next. Let me know! I'm still hopeful, but he is starting to feel like we are just prolonging the inevitable, etc. What can I do to be the best support to him without seeming unrealistic and pushy? Any suggestions appreciated! Thanks! Rebecca

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hi rpatt,
i read your post after i replied back to you. i keep reminding myself of all the sucess stories of hope i've come across. stories on this site and others. i went to my first lung cancer support group this wed.and was sooo inspired by the stories of people who were told to go home and give up, but they refused and are in there 6 yr. one lady her 11th yr. many stories. if your husband would find one and go. BUT, from what i heard from people there you have to find the right one. some can be pity parties. (that does'nt mean that crying or sadness is'nt allowed at others. it just does'nt take over. i would also be interested in the drug Navebine as i will be going back on chemo. is it a new drug? GOD BLESS!

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Thanks for the input! Just to keep you posted and remind everyone out there to keep up hope, even after set backs, my husband has already had an incredible response just since beginning chemo (Navelbine) on Friday (2/10). He is breathing better and feeling better. The turnaround has been amazing! He has had little to no fatigue and, reportedly, this chemo has no hairloss associated with it. Our doc stated it only works for 1 in 5 people, but it certainly sounds worth the chance since it has worked so well for my husband! He was sucking oxygen and, for all intensive purposes, bed ridden. Yesterday he went with me and our children to the park and tossed a football around!

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