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testicular Cancer after radical prostatectomy

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I had radical pc withoutnerve sparing on Aug.18 with the Da Vinchi. Something went wrong and I had emergency exploratory on the 19th was given 5 units of blood.
gleasons were 8's and 9's. The cancer had already escaped the capsule and invade nerves and soft tissue. My recovery has been very slow. Now my question is this. About two weeks ago I found a painful lump on my left testicle. The doctor gave me cipro and said it was probably an infection. After two weeks of cipro, it is no better. It is about the size of a small almond and painful to manipulate. I of course am worried that it is a cancer some how related to the fast growing prostate cancer that was removed. Has anyone had anything similar? Especially after a prostate surgury. I have had a difficult time finding information linking prostate cancer and testicular cancer. I have myself convinced that it is a tecticular cancer. I see my doctor tomorrow. If anyone could share some thought on this or has had something similar, I would be extremely grateful.

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Hi John,
Here are a couple of good testicular cancer websites
TC-Cancer - Testicular Cancer Information & Support at www.tc-cancer.com
Testicular Cancer Resource Center at www.tcrc.acor.org
You can find links to other relevant websites on this webpage
and links to prostate cancer websites here

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I found a painful lump on one of my testicles too. I got it chcked and they also said it was just an infection and gave me Cipro. But mine wasnt the size of an almond, it was like a bump on a crunch bar. Let me know how your 2nd results come out, Im thinking of getting a second opinion on it.

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