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life expectancy?

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I found out that my father has stage 4 bladder cancer mestasized to the bone in october. He is currently in the hospital due to his platelets from chemo and a blockage in his urinary tract. I have always been Daddys girl and he is very protective of me. He doesnt really discuss a lot of the details with me concerning his health and i know he is trying to spare me the pain. I have already lost my mom to lung cancer and had a very hard time of it. My dad wont discuss his life expectancy and quite frankly i want to know so that i can prepare myself! Does anyone know the average life expectancy. Thanks!

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It maybe beneficial to be at the hospital when the doctor is doing rounds. Just ask him or her.

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A good website for bladder cancer information is Wendy Sheridan's Bladder Cancer Webcafe at www.blcwebcafe.org.

They run an email discussion group (mailing list) which can be reached through www.blcwebcafe.org/listinfo.asp or from the hosting website ACOR at www.acor.org. When I last checked it had over 500 subscribers so if you post questions on that list you will likely receive some replies.

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Hi. How is your father? We found out in February that my mother-in-law has bladder cancer also metastized to the bone. She is scheduled to begin chemo next week but she really doesn't want to do chemo. She's feeling fine right now; some pain in the areas where the bone cancer is most prominent but otherwise no other symptoms. We are trying to provide her with as much information as possible so she can make a well informed decision about her treatment. I am just curious if your father had it to do all over again, would he have chose chemo?

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Hi there - I just read your post and don't know if you are still active on this site since it is from many years ago.  My husband was just diagnosed with bladder cancer that has spread to his bones.  He has no symptoms except some pain where his bone cancer is.  What did you do with your mother-in-law? Any advice? We just got the diagnosis last week - my husband had the bone biopsy today and we don't have the results yet, but the doctor said that from the nuclear bone scan he is pretty sure that is what it is.

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Hi, not the op but lost my mom to bladder cancer last year (Stage 4 bladder cancer mestasized Kidney, adrenal gland, Lymph nodes at time of dignose and ended up spreading to liver and bone (spine)). If you can take your husband to a good cancer center, do it.

She was aware she was terminal but had childhood trama of losing her father in hospicscare and decieded she was going to try to fight it. She had surgery, got chemo (ddMVAC) then after toxticy, she was able to get on the immunotherapy (at the time was only used for secondary treatment). She tried and put up one heck of a fight, held on for longer than doctors gave her, mind was still sharp and will to live was there till the end, but her body just couldn't go on any further.

Best advice is to see what your husband wants to do and support him in his decision and be there every step of the way. Don't give up hope, NEVER give up hope, but understand the prognosis. The problem with bladder cancer is that it doesn't get as much funding as breast, lung, and other more common types of cancers. So, depending on the situation, there isn't a lot of options out there.


check out Ken's cancer blog. Guy has been fight his bladder cancer for about 6 years I think and has blogged about it, in detail, every step of the way.




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Sorry edit ^^^

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