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Just a quick question

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Hello again,

I have been reading everything here, every day. Just reading everything and going back and reading past posts has helped me alot.

I am going for a colonoscopy on Monday and at the end of February I am going for another ultra sound to see if the growth on my ovary has grown or not. My question is, can a colonoscopy tell me much about if I have ovarian cancer or not?

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Sorry, a colonoscopy will only tell you the condition of the colon. That would be wonderful if it could detect ovarian cancer, too.

Hope it goes well for you. I just had one in December and I didn't even know they did anything. Of course, the prep isn't pleasant, but otherwise it such a simple test for peace of mind.
Blessing and hugs!

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Hi there,
There is a rectal exam - I don't remember the right name for it - that is done to determine if you have cancer. Ovarian cancer grows, very often, in the abdominal cavity where all the organs rest.The cancer spreads & eventually attacks the organs & invades them. Having gone thru that, I now get that rectal exam by my GYN Oncologist each time I'm there for a visit. A colonoscopy will test the inside of your colon. The other exam looks for signs on the outside of the colon where the cancer cells are present. So, see a GYN Oncologist not because it is cancer but because they look at your symptoms with a different eye.
Good luck & let me know, Imoan

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