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What do I do?

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I am 60 yrs old, i was diagnosed with prostate
cancer almost 2 yrs ago. I am told that I am in an early to
middle stage with a 6 gleason, and 10 psa readings that
have stayed low. I am planning to have robotic surgery on
Feb 3 but a lot of peple are telling me i am rushing aI
have a girlfriend, tens years my younger and we have been
in a relaitionship for 10 yrs and yes we are still active. Do I
delay or go through with it?

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Here is the deal...The cancer is not going away...But the fact is treatment will cause a change...Sex is not going to be the way it was but it can still be good...It really depends on how strong the relationship you have...The best way I can describe it is the spontinaity is gone...You have to plan for sex...Maybe some others will have another opinion...I'm only conveing my experience...

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Your reply was excellent and right on target. Although sex is highly important, staying alive is even more important. Prostate cancer, once it gets going, is a terrible way to die. Too many good men die each year from this disease that could have lived.

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Hi, With a gleason of 6 & considering surgery, I think you are rushing into it.You say your psa's were low, but how low? please provide some more info.IF you decide on surgery, your sex life WILL change, no doubt about it, & other things may result as well so I would caution you to think long & hard about that decision.Without any other info about your details, it's impossible to offer any further suggestions.Provide some data & I'm sure there will be a host of replies.Remember, the cancer is most likely slow growing (Gleason of 6 suggests that) so take your time to consider your options.
Good Luck, Benji

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That is something you have to decide for yourself. For me I didn't want to take a chance because this disease is a very painful way to die once it gets going. Please do nt wait too long. there are many options available and you need to talk to your doctor, your urologist and get informed so you can make a good choice. None of us wanted this but most of us bit the bullet and dove in to treatment: surgery, radiation or whatever. Many of these guys will be glad to answers any questions you may have. They have helped me. This disease is usually slow to progress but that is not always true. It would not be right for any of us to make the decision for you since you are the one who will be dealing with the consequences. It is hard I grant you that but I would ask to have nerve sparing treatment as this will keep your sex life intact but even if you can't save both nerve bundles you still have good options. Again do not wait too long. This is a major killer in men when ignored. If you have any more questions please ask and we will try to answer them.

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...I was diagnosed at 56 with a gleason of 3+4 and a psa that went from 4.5 to 9.5 in 3 months ... since I was in good health and expected to live at least another 20 years, I figured that I had too much time left to give the cancer a chance to get out of hand so I rejected watchful waiting...and went for a rrp ... which turned out to be nerve sparing ... I was very fortunate to completely avoid incontinence ... but I did do kegels before the surgery ... I started getting erectile function back after 1 year ... once it started coming back, I used viagra for a short period of time to encourage it ... and now I don't need viagra ... and except for the lack of ejaculation ... I am finding my sex life has returned to normal....I know everyone's experience is different but just when I started to think that my sex life was gone ... it bounced back....so who knows...I do know that I personally could not have dealt with watchful waiting....

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