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cancer has moved into the brain

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HI again, it has been a while since I last posted and since then my MIL has been taken off caelix and put on a daily tablet (dont know what it is) and Last week she had a CT which showed a brain tumer.I was afraid that was going to happen. In Oct. she started showing signs of something going on but she would not discuss it with her dr. but after her last visit to him she could not hide the signs. ( slurred speach). I just went through this with my uncle last yr. he had kidney cancer that metastised in the brain. I know what is going to happen and the likely progression, but my husbands brothers and father are still in denial. How do i make them understand that we have to do everything we can to make Mom comfortable and make arrangements for nursing care. I know she is going to need it and they seem to think that she will be fine. I just finally talked them into allowing the ladies from their church to come and clean the house for them. As of a couple of weeks ago my FIL was still expecting my MIL to do most of it! My husbands understands what the progression may be as he went through everything with my uncle last year with me.
And on top of all this my last uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer. Fortunatley it was discovered in stage one and only on the tip of one lung. He will be fine but we sat for weeks waiting for the prognosis. my prayers are with you all. My God grant you healing and Peace!

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It can be so overwhelming when things come in bunches like this. My prayers are with you during this very difficult time. Sometimes people fear discussing situations because they think 'saying' it will bring it to truth. And though you have previous experience in this area, there's always that hope that things will be different. I pray they will be. But at least you know what to expect and how to deal with it. Maybe soon everyone else will heed your concerns and do what they can to make your MIL comfortable. For my mother, who passed in October 2004 from colon cancer, that was my biggest concern.

Sounds like your family has had so much to deal with. I'm hearing the big 'C' word so much around me, friends, family, etc. No one in this world is untouched by this horrible disease.

Prayers and hugs.

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Sorry to hear about all you are dealing with. I just lost my uncle to lung cancer this winter. Seems like once cancer touches our life ... it isn't ever quite the same. Some things better some not, but what strength and determination we see in those that have to walk this path, both in survivor and caregivers is amazing. May you find the strength and encouragement from all the people here and know we are lifting you in prayer.


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Thank you so much for your prayers! My inlaws came for dinner last night and my MIL dropped the bomb shell... she has 2 months! My husband and I did alot of crying last night. We knew this was coming but all seems so final now. We are so grateful for our church family. Without them and good friends this time would be much harder. My MIL has a friend that I call a Godsend! She has been wonderful and I know she is someone we will be able to lean on. She came into my MIL life about a month before she was diagnosed. God works in ways we can never understand. We also have to be so thankful that she is in no pain. The Dr. told her last week that the size of the tumour and where it is she is surprised that she is even walking!
Anyway God Bless all of you and thank you again for your prayers, mine are with you as well.

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