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Feel much better

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Hi everyone. Went to NY for the Sloan Kettering opinion. THe surgeon completely agreed with the MD Anderson plan - so I feel much better. The NY surgeon told me I may not need my entire right lung removed, but we would find out while I am open during the surgery itself. OK!

I feel so good about the plan now - it is not a plan of desperation, but of hope. HURRAY!

AND - my sister lives in Manhattan and my 2 brothers flew in to surprise me. We had such a great weekend! THe 4 of us hadn't all been together in ages. It was a fabulous weekend. I feel so good now. Still a bit scared about the surgery, but ready.

When I came home I called my surgeon and onc to tell them. They had both talked while I was away and knew NY would agree. I felt such love and care after talking to both of them! They both told me to call and let them know if I needed anything else before surgery. I truly have such a wonderful treatment team.

SO, I have a HUGE 2 surgeries coming up, but feel ready to beat them all! My first surgery to removed the left nodule will be 2/28/06.

I am researching nutrition like a mad woman - and doing better. I will get the juicer this week and start those wacky veggies drinks. I eat salad few times a day and I am getting sick of it. :)

Thanks for listening. Hope everyone's own personal battles are going well. I keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

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I loved reading your post especially that you feel better about your plan of hope. I am so happy that you had a chance to reunite with your siblings, what a wonderful weekend for you. You have a great attitude and you will get through the surgeries well. I am glad that you went for the other opinion..I will keep you in my prayers always..Audrey

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Jana,

As I read your post this morning I truly felt your spirit & relief. Sounds like you had a great weekend with your brothers joining you as a surprise. You have a very thoughtful family Jana ~ ~ That's So Wonderful ~ ~
Good to hear that the Dr's at Sloan Kettering were on the same page as your Dr's in Houston, so now you have a plan.

Take Care & Happy Juicing
Lisa Rose

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I have thought alot about you this past week. I am glad that you had a good week and that the docs all agree. You sound so upbeat and that will be important with the upcoming surgery that you will have. We are all rooting for you.


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I've been thinking about you. I'm so glad that the dr's there agreed with the ones here. It feels so much better when you have an "exact" plan, instead of different doctors saying different things. It sounds like you had a great time with your family. I make my husband a glass of juice nearly every night (well...actually I pay my son to make the juice, he thinks its cool, and it gets me out of doing it. $5 a week....a pretty good deal!!) Anyway, we add Barlean's greens and flaxseed oil to it. It doesn't taste so hot...but its suppose to be good for you..He does drink a little Mangosteen a day. You can research it on Pub Med. Its suppose to have a high amount of antioxidants. I'm glad you're feeling better..I live in Spring, if your feeling up to it, I'd like to come see you when you have your surgery. Let me know...
Take Care..

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Hi Jana - I was thinking about you this week. Glad to hear you sounding so positive. It's a good thing when two major cancer centers agree on the course of treatment - that can only be good news.

I know we are all rooting for you.


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Good Luck to you on the 28th I'll keep you in my prayers.


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Hi Jana:

I recently got this guided imagery tape where a sooth voice gives you a bunch of postive mental images and messages. One of the images is you in a circle of healing light with all the people who love and suppport you, smiling and nodding their approval. You're living the healing imagery!!! I am so glad to hear that you're at peace with your treament plan. Believing in the cure and that path to it is so essential to healing and you're there, believing.

Best of luck to you. I'll be beaming good vibes to you on the 28th!


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Dear Jana,
Although the plan is quite "huge" (as you say), it must be very reassuring to have experts at two leading centers completely agree -- that would be a great comfort to me. You are right -- this is a plan of hope. You are chosing LIFE.
Thinking of you all the time.
ps -- as you know, i had one entire lung lobe removed. This week I did two hikes, both of which were almost all uphill. My lung capacity is very good now! The human body is an amazing thing, in its ability to compensate for loss.....

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Hi Jana,
I'm so glad that you're feeling better and now have a plan that everyone is in agreement with. It must be great to take a break from chemo too!
My thoughts are with you and I'm sending positive energy your way!

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What a relief to know you are on the right track. Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

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Jana......great to hear that your mind has been put at ease somewhat. A long road still to go babe but hey....LOOK AT TARA!!!!!!!!!
What a gal!............you can get thru this too Jana and everyone here knows you can!
luv Ross n Jen

ps...check yah emails gal!....sompin special for yah from us.

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Hi Jana!!!
My prayers and thoughts to you. Hope is what keeps us going. God bless the treatment team as they help you. Terri

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jana so glad to see your post. i sent you and email but dont know if you got it. i am soooo glad for you. i prayed for you knowing you were going to sloan. i will continue to pray that all will go well and that you will have the strength to endure this plan of hope for you. what a relief it must be. take care and know i will be on my knees for you.


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