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Liposarcoma at 85 years old

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My husband's grandmother was just diagnosed with Liposarcoma just above her right elbow. She had surgeryto remove what we believed to be a benign cyst but ended up being malignant. We just went to the Oncologist for a consult and was told that given her age and the size of the tumor radiation would be her best option. She is a very optimistic person with a strong will to continue her life. We are having issues within the family as to what would be her best treatment plan. Can anyone out there offer advice about what has worked best for them? As far as we can tell this Liposarcoma is a Grade 1 possibly 2.

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You may want to do a seach of the CSN website for liposarcoma. To do this, enter liposarcoma in the search bar at the top of the website. If you find someone you would like to contact you can do so through the CSN internal email system.

I wish you and your family the best.

Take care and be well,

CSN Dana

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In 1998 at the age of 60 I was diagnosed with a pleomorphic sarcoma in my upper right arm in the deltoid muscle. My local doctor referred me the the U of W Cancer Center where I had surgery to remove the tumor and then received 7 weeks of radiation. The first year I had follow-up tests/check-ups, then the second year every 6 months and yearly since then at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I am now an 8 year survivor with no signs of a reaccurance. If the doctor is able to surgically remove the tumor with wide margins the prognosis is very good. I went back to work 3 days after my surgery with the drains still in my arm, I had no pain or discomfort from the surgery, never had to take a pain pill. At age 68 now, I still work full time. I'll bet your husband's grandmother will come through this just fine.

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My husband who is now 64 yrs. was first diagnosed with 'pleomorphic liposarcoma' cancer in December 2003. He had it on his upper right back near the arm pit. He first noticed a very small lump on his back in Sept 2003. The VA doctor kept saying it was only a fatty tumor and do not worry about it. Well it kept growing and growing. He went back to the VA doctor and told them he didn't care if it was only a fatty tumor, he wanted it taken off. The first surgery was done Dec 19, 2003 and a biopsy was done. He went back to VA doctor a week later and was told it was Pleomorphic Liposarcoma cancer and that he did not get it all. This was all done at VA in Las Vegas. We decided to come back home to Nebraska where he could possibly get better care and be closer to family. His second surgery was done Febr 28, 2004. The tumor had complete grown back to the size it was before it was removed and even was somewhat larger. The VA referred him out to Nebraska Med Center as it is such a rare cancer. We got lucky with the very good doctors we had. They cut out the tumor and a large area all around the tumor, blasted hole with radiation and then took skin graft from leg to replace area on back. The hole is the size a small dinner plate. Scans were done after that every three months. In Oct 2005 a small nodule was found in his lower right lung. The VA removed it last Febr 20, 2006 and it is the same cancer as was on the back. While doing this, they discovered a small growth in his throat and that was removed March 19, 2006. That was negative for cancer. He developed the hiccups right after his lung surgery in Febr and that lasted over 2 weeks after surgery. I have searched and searched for more information and help as the VA is not the quality of doctor one needs for this type of cancer. They will not refer him out anymore unless he needs radiation. The chemo for this cancer is so deadly and dangerous and there are no guarantees it will help. I guess not enough studies have been done. He was stage three when surgery on back was done in 2005 and now in 2006 with more found in his right lung, they say he is stage four. All the cancer seems to be only on his right side, I don't know if that means anything or not. He now has a lump on his right arm where they had the intervenus needle during lung surgery and also appears to be getting a lump where he had a mole removed on his face recently. Both are on right side as well. He is in very little or no pain right now. We have not given up hope and I continually search for answers on what should be done next. I appeal to any and all for your ideas, thoughts, comments.

pleomorphic liposarcoma

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This is to update on my husband's condition. The lumps on his right arm and face turned out to be a staff infection that was contracted while hospitalized for surgery. August 2006, scans show three small nodules in the left lung. Surgery is scheduled for Sept 22nd at VA hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. My husband is in no pain that would indicate he has cancer and has never really had any pain from the cancer itself. What I can tell you now about this cancer, 'pleomorphic liposarcoma' is very little, but maybe it will help someone out there as very little can be found about it. Pleomorphic Liposarcoma is an extremely rare cancer. It is also a very aggressive cancer that, as far as I have found in my searches, does not stop with only one tumor. It typically will have periods of time in between growths where it appears the person is cancer free, only to return. My husband history to date is first tumor on his back appeared Sept 2003 and was operated on twice to remove it. First time was Dec 2003 and they did not get it all. With the second operation being done Febr 2004, localized radiation was done during the surgery. It was thought by the doctors that they got it all off his back. October 2005, a small nodule was noted in his right lung and was operated on Febr 2006. It was also pleomorphic liposarcoma cancer. Now we are seeing this area in the left lung which we don't know if it is the same cancer or even cancerous until they operate. He is classified currently as stage four of his cancer.
I would like to know if 'shiz' (see story below) is still in remission or has shiz had more pleomorphic liposarcoma since the last posting dated February 2006. I am hoping shiz will respond and let us all know. Anyone else out the have this type of cancer, please use the email system on this website to email me.

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I happened to fall upon this website while researching pleomorphic liposarcoma and am hoping maybe someone could help....after finding out there isn't much information on this type of cancer. My mom was recently diagnosed (Aug.07) with PLS after a surgery to remove what was believed to be an adrenal adenoma. Her initial CT measured the mass to be 9cm but a month later, when the surgery was performed, it measured 17cm. They removed all of the mass including her right adrenal gland and a suspicious nodule on her liver (which was determined to be benign). Now she's post-op 5 weeks and had a meeting with her oncologist today. The surgeon told her radiation would be more detrimental because if she needed another surgery when it reoccurs, it would be more difficult to remove post radt. The oncologist wants her to consider chemo but really wants her to make a decision about it quickly....and my mom is worried about whether the chemo will make her worse (by destroying her liver and kidneys). And looking around on the net, the few tidbits of info I do find state that chemo in that type of cancer is experimental or doesn't work. Has anyone found any treatments that are actually effective? I'm at my wit's end trying to find information on this cancer and its treatment and am getting nowhere. Any helpful advise you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello. I am new to this website, and it appears there is very little being written about this cancer, specifically, the network here. I understand this looks like it has been traveling fast, and I know time has passed. I was just wondering if you might be interested in sharing what is happening in your case. Thank you.

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