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I'm just having a pity party don't mind me. My liver studies went up quite high about 2 weeks before Christmas. We decided to hold on the oxaliplatin and just do the 5FU, leucovorin and avastin until they came down. Then my platelet count went down. So everything is on hold. It was taking a long time for the liver studies to come down, so he did a Cat Scan. Here's the one good bit of news! Nothing in liver (never has been) and lung lesions have decreased in size! Yippee!

I was to resume chemo next week, however, my liver studies went up rather than down and they are still about 2X higher than normal. I wanted to talk to my onc about it and left 2 messages for him to call me. He called me at home while I was on my way home from work on fri evening and left a message to let me know that he's "not concerned" and he felt the discussion could wait til next week's appt. Really made me a bit angry. I don't generally pester and I realize the numbers themselves are not worrisome, but I AM concerned about the fact that I've had no treatment for more than a month and it doesn't look like I'll be getting any next week either. I wanted to discuss those concerns. I will be letting him know how I feel at my appt, but I just needed to vent.
I can't even try some of the natural things, like green powder and supplements, because I don't know what effect that will have on an overworked liver. I asked him about milk thistle for the liver and he said that there's no guarantee that the manufacturer's actually put those ingredients in the product (I actually have read that also) and he's not convinced that it would work anyway, or that it might have an opposite effect.
Sigh...My diet is pretty good, though since I've been feeling sorry for myself, I'm eating a few more desserts than I ever have. I'll work on that for now, and keep up with my yoga, meditation and visualizations. Then I'll have a talk with my wonderful onc on wed, though first i'll insist that i get the blood work on tues-means an extra trip to the onc for me-so we can discuss the most recent results.
Thanks for letting me vent!
PS...Of course, the other good thing about being off chemo is that I feel wonderful!!!!!!!

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Hi Mary,

I am so sorry that your liver enzymes are keeping you from your scheduled treatment. I remember that on my eight treatment with oxaliplatin that my chemo had to be postponed for the same reason. However, after a couple of weeks they corrected, and I was able to resume my normal schedule. However, instead of eliminating oxaliplatin, my oncologist increased the dosage time to three hours. You have ever right to feel frustrated but your scans are showing that the chemo is working well. Your liver needed a break, it will self-correct. I'm glad you are feeling better. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.



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You are always in my thoughts and prayers. I think because our stories are so similiar. I hope you are able to resume chemo soon. It sounds like it is working.

Please keep us posted.


ps you can have a pity party, you have been through so much. I am sending positive hugs your way.

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Hi Mary - Dealing with chemo is such personal and highly emotional decision. My liver numbers went up and (session 9 of 12) I called off chemo. My feeling was that my body was telling me that the levels of toxicity of the chemo drugs had reached their limit. I started a heavy nutritional program to clean out my liver and strengthen my body and I have never regretted the decision. But, that is just me and how I have chosen to deal with my situation. I certailnly can understand your concern and your worried nature. I think you will get a lot more info when you sit down with your doc, look at the whole picture - where you are in your treatment - and truly decide how you would like your care and your body to proceed. If you want to, check out this site: theliverdoctor.com and begin to read how one can eat to detox a liver; these are things which you can do either now or after chemo has ended. And I would also suggest boosting you water intake and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits to flush out your system. And as soon as you do finish chemo I would suggest going head first into at least periodic juicing and a reduction of refined sugars and flours - things which cancer loves to consume. All the best to you and I hope your next blood test shows improvement. I am sure that it will. Take care - Maura

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ps - there are many reputable producers of supplements; let me know if you need any names.

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Hang in there, Mary -
Great news on your PET scans! Keep up the good work with yoga, visualization and meditation - all VERY important.

Be well.

- SB

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