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Metastisized Kidney Cancer Survivor?

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Hi all, I am a cancer survivor myself but last year found out a good friend got kidney cancer. It has spread to his back (L3 & T10 disks) and his ribs are spotted all over. It has not spread to any vital organs, just the bones. Does anyone know of any metastisized kidney cancer survivor's that I could get him to talk to or email. Just for some strength and hope? I am a breast cancer survivor and had lots of help, he has no one to talk to that had kidney cancer. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I am looking for advise on metastatic renal cell cancer myself. Mine has now formed nodules on my lungs. If you get any responses as to where to go for treatment...let me know.

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From my research, the Cleveland Clinic seems to be the epi-center for kidney cancer treatment. They have an 800 number listed & their website is http://cms.clevelandclinic.org/urology/. There's even a video you can watch that is very informative. Try to stay strong & positive. Take care.

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Hi, I have too just found out that I have nodules in both lungs from rcc i'm on my 14th day of sutent still feeling pertty ok...just keep trusting my God he gave me a word in John 11;4 this sickness is not unto death

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there is an excellent kidney cancer site at http://cancerguide.org/kofaq/ there are a lot of people on this site that are in all stages of kidney cancer and have done awesome research in all the various treatments. check it out, it is really encouraging!

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If I can help I will. Metastatic kidney cancer here. Currently on clinical trial. Your friend is welcome to email me. helen@helencasey.co.uk

Go well X

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husband has stage IV kidney cancer - fluid buildup in belly call it ascides needs to have a paracentisis (drained) every three weeks or so - on Nexavar - do you have any knowledge of what's being done with this type?

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