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As I stated in another thread, my 49 year old mom was just diagnosed with type III ovarian cancer. She has just recently had a full hysterectomy and debulking surgery, but some of the cancer remains in her stomach and bladder. What would be your advice on what next steps should be taken next including treatment, diet, complimentary therapies.

We also have a gynecological oncologist who is working with us, but any other suggestion of physicians would be appreciated. We live in South Florida.

Please, please help me. I am so scared I am going to loser her :(

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I am also dx with 3rd stage ovarian cancer and have had the same surgeries...I started on chemo in Sept of 2004 and am just now having my final tx Feb 2---hope they are planning on giving her chemo. I have also found that drinking alot of water, eating alot of green veggies and fruit helps..I have also found that drinking green tea with honey & gingsing gives me alot more energy.
I hope all goes well with you mom

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