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I wanted to thank all of you wonderful people for the replies to my post. I appreciate all of the information and suggestions. My mother's tumor is non-operable because it lies next to the vena cava and hepatic vein. They won't resect it because they can't get wide enough margins. My sister(a cardiologist in Kansas) is investigating the Gamma knife procedure. It can ablate tumors so exact that you don't need clear margins. They usually use this to treat brain tumors but are using it on livers in Colorado. I called today regarding a clinical trial here in San Diego using Interferon in metastatic colon cancer that is not responding to other chemos. We are getting a second opinion and actually are sending her medical records to an oncologist that my sister knows. My husband, daughter and I moved back to San Diego when we got Mom's diagnosis of "one to two years". That was two years ago. I quit my job (as a veterinarian) to help my mom through chemo. My father has Parkinson's disease and my 99 year old grandmother lives with Mom and Dad. So they need the help. It has been a rollercoaster ride over the past two years as all of you well know. We are not a family that is going to "sit and wait" while this cancer takes over! I appreciate all of the help. I've been a "lurker" on this board for quite some time but have never posted. Thank you for making me feel so welcome.