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Yes!! Surgery scheduled..

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I went to see my surgeon today and he will remove my rectal tumor March 7th..My last radiation and chemo ends tomorrow..I can't wait to have the surgery then get started on tackling the liver tumors..I haven't had any problems with the chemo-radiation treatments..I have a lot of confidence in the surgeon so I will be in good hands.Audrey

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Great news- good luck with the surgery- what chemo have you been on and what will you go onto for the liver mets once you have surgery.
Take care.

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excellent news. I had my surgery for rectal tumour about 3 years ago. I had a smooth recovery, which I partly attribute to walking a lot after the surgery. So, let me put in a plug for that! Best of luck to you.

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Wow Audrey:

You must be one tough cookie! You talk about chemo-radiation like other talk about having a bag of fish chips! You go girl! I think the cancer has definitely picked the wrong host body! Best of luck to you!


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Audrey -

What a GREAT attitude! You GO, girl!!

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Good luck with your surgery. Remember to walk as much as you can. It helps with healing.

Keep us posted.


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Fantastic news!!! Positive thoughts and prayers your way!!!

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Great attitude Audrey! All the best for your surgery in march. From your post it seems that you have the utmost faith in your surgeon. That would have me assume that he/she has given you a thorough explanation of what to expect...a good start! And certainly that helps to allay the fears that we all have prior to surgery.
Ross n Jen

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