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Hello everyone,

I am usually in the colon cancer discussion group, as my mom was diagnosed in January 2003, but I had a question regarding bladder cancer symptoms. My mom had lab tests recently and they showed slighly low hemoglobin and a small amount of blood in the urine. The doctor said the tests indictaed a urinary tract infection. My question is - are these symptoms of bladder cancer & can a urinary tract infection diagnosis be wrong ? I am worried that this is a recurrence of colon cancer.

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Hello Vanessa,
Yes. My Bladder Cancer was diagnosed as a UTI twice. After taken the antibiotics, I was still passing blood and it was getting more frequent and darker. However, there was never any pain associated with the blood. My family doctor then set me up for a CAT scan and sent me to a Urologist. He found stage 2 cancer. I had my bladder removed in Oct. 05 and am still recovering. Good news is that it was contained and had not spread. I strongly advise if you find blood in your urine, go to a Urologist. If I'd went as soon as I noticed the blood, I may have been able to save the bladder and possibly avoided the operation. My Urologist told me if you pass dark red "specks" that look like tea or coffee grinds, that should be a red flag. Hope this helps and my prayers are with your Mother.

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Hi! I'm new here. Mt the location. Would like to add an amen to what Venessa said. I was also misdiagnosed twice for UTI. The third time went to Uro.man he said wrong & promptly diagnosed BC.I then went to the internet and found that women are more likely to have UTI & men more likely to have BC. I lucked out I was diagnosed in May 02. Have had cancer lasered 4 times 5 on 4-6-06. My advise, if you see blood in the urine head for Uro man or woman. Don't settle for less than a good look inside that bladder. It isn't that bad! Dale

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Hello Vanessa, Yes I was diagnosed with a uti first but then had an ultrasound that showed a tumor in my bladder.My symptoms was a lot of blood in urine.The tumor had feelers outside the inner lining so they removed my bladder& also did a complete hysterectomy.I also had cancer on my uretha tubes & they removed that. I now wear an ostomy bag. I am also on chemo treatments now.

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Hi Vanessa,
You asked the perfect question for me as well. I also am usually on the colon board being a n 81/2 year survivor of stage 3 colon cancer. For some time I have been experiencing problems urinating ie a burning sensation,and when I asked my doc he referred to a prev urine test and admitted that there had been traces of blood in the urine. My colon ca started from polyps and I guess that there is the same chance for them to form in the bladder. At this point I am not alarmed but I will make sure that it is checked out thoroughly. Best of luck to you and your mum ,Ron.

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My father was misdiagnosed with a uti back in June. Had blood in the urine again in Sept and was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic bladder cancer in Oct.

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