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What Type of Chemo

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if the type of chemo they give you does it go by where the colon cancer has mastitis to? I see some people are on Folfri, Eribux, Oxaliplatin. For those out there with met to the lungs what chemo are you on? Also is there anyone out there with a tumor in the abdomon thats not opertable? Thanks for any information. Mindy

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Hi Mindy,

Here is a web site that goes over all the drug choices for people with stage IV. It's a PDF file so you have to have acrobat reader to view it.



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Hi Melinda and Bob. Sorry I missed your last post but better late than never. Sweetie, its ok to cry!You obviously love your dear dad very much but don't write him off yet...in fact, don't even think of it. There are wonderfull people here with wonderfull stories of great results. There are so many also doing the hard miles and so many carers and families that hold the very concern you hold. I lost my dad to kidney disease over 37 years ago. In todays world he would have survived. But in todays world advances in medcine are far quicker and somewhere, someone is working on a complete cure for cancer. Tomorrow we may wake up to a whole new world of treatment with few side effects that will fully cure us all. In the meantime Melinda.......share your fears and frustrations with us 'cos we understand how tough things seem.
Our very best, Ross and Jen

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Hi, my husband's cancer has metasisized again and now has a lymph node in the abdomen and 2 in the chest region that are positive and none of them are operable. He is on chemotherapy---irinotecan every other week and erbitux every week. Are you currently taking any treatments?

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