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Post Operative Recovery for a Lobectomy

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My father and non computer user had a lobectomy in September. They caught the tumber very early and everything seems to going well. The main issue he seems to be having is post operative pain and discomfort. His pain and discomfort must be very bad for he has never complained about a thing in his life. He is very interested to talk to other Survivors about their recovery process. How long it took to return to 75%, 85%, 95% etc.etc.. If you would like to help him out please email me your name, phone number a the best time for him to contact you (so he can pay for the call). He would greatly appericiate it. Thanks in advance. My email is tonygray@houston.rr.com.

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Dear TGray:

Sorry that your Dad is having pain. I had a lower R lobectomy in June 2005 but did not experience long-lasting pain. Where is the pain coming from; the incision site? Has your Dad spoken with his Dr. about such long lasting pain? After the initial surgery pain, I have just experienced some soreness occasionally at the incision site.

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My husband had a LL lobectomy last september and two consequential surgies to repair a problem. He has had residual pain on about a level 2-3. He is currently going to a pain clinic and is on medications to help. Make sure to tell the drs. about the pain and that it is persistent if it reaches a point and doesn't get better ask for a referral to a pain clinic. They have lots of meds that are not narcotic they can use to help. They can also do injections to the site to control it. They told my husband that it will get better with time, but it is gradual because the nerves run along the top of the ribs and they have to get in to remove the lung between the ribs. My only advise is don't suffer. Tell the dr and keep telling him. Good luck.

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Hi there, my father is considering surgery for his nsclc after going through chemo and getting 75% shrinkage of his tumor. Do you know what size your tumor was when it was removed? Any info. would be helpful.

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Hi...I had an upper right lobectomy in 1995....I was off work for three months and was still on medication for pain when I returned to work. It took me a full year to get back to where I was before the surgery, but, needless to say, it was worth it!! Your dad's doctor should be able to prescribe something for pain that will not disable him otherwise. Good luck to you and your dad!!

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I am a stage IIIA non-smallcell lung cancer survivor. My cancer was caused from smoking.
I had a lobectomy (upper left lung) about three years ago. So far,no reoccurances. There was a great deal of pain, as well as an air leak that kept me in the hospital longer than I wanted to be (12) days. Most of the pain after that was from the drainage tube left in me. I also had chemotherapy and radiation. Don't know if that's in your recovery plan, but, Yes, I did lose my hair, and the radiation was less than comfortable, but here I am. After that, I experienced pain from the radiation in my chest, skin on neck and chest and back, and my esophogus. I was given pain medication, but the best thing I can tell you that worked for the pain in swallowing is drink plenty of water with anything you eat or drink. Ensure is a good thing until you can get your swallower back. Also, I was given a mixture of lidocaine 2,mixed with Maloxx and benedryl. That's what they give babies with thrush (sore mouth). That works very well. I wasn't up to exercise until after treatment was over....small steps. It's taking a little longer to get back my strength, but daily walking, DO YOUR BREATHING EXERCISES! Yoga is a great way to get back. My pulmonologist prescribed a nebulizer with medications that helped me breath better. What every you do DO NOT JUST LIE IN FRONT OF THE TV.

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