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worried or maybe just paranoid ..

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Hi Everyone,

Quick question - my mom (for those who don't know - diagnosed Jan 2003 with Stage 3), recently had a routine physical. The results came back showing some blood in the urine and her hemologin has dropped a little bit. The doctor said that this is just a urinary tract infection and not to worry. Of course, anything abnormal worries me so I thought I might run this by everyone .. Any thoughts on if she should get a second opinion. Of course the first thing that I think of is that this might be a recurrence to the bladder...


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Hi Vanessa,

Was this with her oncologist or a primary care physician? I am sure that it is as simple as a urinary tract infection, but I certainly understand your worry. My CEA level went up from 1.3 to 1.7 so I am worried about that even though I was told not to.

Keep us posted.


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Hi Kay,

it was her primary care physician (who is aware of her history, but sometimes I worry that she is not vigilant enough...) Your CEA level is still so low- I'm sure you have nothing to be concerned about !

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HI Vanessa, My docs have been following up with ultrasounds to verify things (classify spots on my liver, cycts on my ovaries - and the notations also carry exlanations such as: gall bladder clean, kidneys clean...) Maybe a simple ultrasound (not invasive) can clear up any worry for your mom. It is just a thought; I am sure that your mom is so happy to have you advocating for her....what an angel you must be! All the best and I hope you find answers soon - Maura

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Yes, it is probably "just" urinary tract infection. But, if it is worrying either you or her (or both!), then you might want to pursue it with her doctors. I believe in getting things checked out, to help me sleep at night!
All the best, Tara

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Vanessa -

OK... I'm going to sound like the worry-wart in the bunch here, but it is from close personal experience... Get a second opinion and a cystoscope. Have a urine cytology test done. My mom and my aunt are both stage 4 with bladder cancer - mets from their colon cancer. It's a hereditary thing. I get a urine cytology test done every year (I got the family "prized genes", too)

It may be "just" a UTI, but don't fool around when a survivor has blood in the urine.

- SpongeBob

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