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Change jobs?

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I just finished my treatment for papillary thyroid cancer. My question is this: I have been unhappy at my workplace for well over a year. There is no chance for advancement and my supervisor is not supportive. I have been contemplating finding a new job, but I am going to be receiving my Bachelor's degree in October of this year. Boils down to this, do I return to the job I hate once the Dr. releases me from disability and just wait it out until I get my degree, or should I run the risk of looking for a new job now, and have to explain to a new prospective employer why I have been off work for 6 months.

Anyone who has gone through this I welcome your advice.

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Are you in the US? Would continuing and/or new healthcare insurance be an issue for you? Can you get coverage, if you change jobs?

The biggest thing is to make sure you are in 'solid' shape before making any life altering decisions. When we are off our hormones, or waiting for them to settle back into the cells of our body properly, it is important not to make decisions that could change our lives drastically.

It might 'feel right' in the moment, but our judgement is sometimes altered, too. At varying times over the past few years I have considered divorcing my (truly beloved) spouse, considered packing everything up and going to do missionary work somewhere in a faraway country, and even considered running for politics - all which passed once my emotions restabilized after the hormones were out of kilter.

Be careful of snap judgements or changes, whatever you decide to do. The stress of diagnosis and treatments can affect us much more than we think it does - and a snap decision or massive change can be a mistake until we are back on an even keel again.

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