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My father has just been diagnosed with CLL. He was told that right now he is low-risk and to try and be as healthy as he can. I guess my question is what can we, his family, do to help. Can children be bone marrow donors? I know that research and medical discoveries are rapidly changing, I just want to know what is available right now so as not to waste time.

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I had CLL for 5 years. I am now waiting blood test results as Dr. belives I currently have CLL. I am now almost 50 years old. Reply if you like. I am sure I could encourage your father. glen_kirkpatrick@yahoo.com

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I frist found out I have CLL back in oct of 95'. I am now entering stage 4. I will soon be starting chemo. Most CLL is slow acting just help your dad when he asks. Understand that at times he may feel totally exhusted at other times his engery will be back. Let him let you know what he needs. Good Luck to you all

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