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ca125 and ctscan results

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Yesterday was my CT Scan and ca125 test. Not the best results, my ca125 is now up to 202 and ct scan showed growth of the tumors. The good news was there are no areas of cancer. I cried a river yesterday and feeling a bit lethargic today. Hard to get myself motivated to work on anything. Just want to be a couch potato and zone out to the TV. Some days a person needs to do that so they can regroup and then continue from there.

I see my Dr next Wednesday to go over the results and what my next obtions are. I know he said before it would gemzar if the daily doceltaxel didn't work.

Guess I am not finished crying because as I have typed this to share with all of you the tears have come back. I think a good whirlpool bath is what is in order today. It is only 19 degrees here and snowing so don't feel like venturing outdoors.

Take care everyone and God bless.

Prayers and Hugs


The winds of Grace are always blowing, just make sure you raise the sails.

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Hi Bonnie,
Just wanted to let You know my thoughts and prayers are with You! Bless Your heart, You deserve a good cry,a long hot bubble bath and anything else You want to help You relax.

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Bonnie, so sorry the news wasn't better. You sure deserve to shed some tears. Please know my heart is with you. Do you have your own whirlpool? I think those are so therapeutic. The closest I will come is my bathtub and a long hot soak with bubbles. But that suits me fine and helps me a great deal. Also gives me time to think and pray.

Stay inside where it's cozy and warm and just bask in the warmth of His love. I know this is not easy, so allow yourself all the time you need to build up strength. Do you like comedies? Sometimes, I like to watch my favorite funny movies. It really does help to laugh. I don't know your sense of humor, but one of my favorites is the Money Pit with Tom Hanks. I also like 'Towed In A Hole' with Laurel & Hardy. I'm sure I'll think of others later.

Anyway, do take care. Prayers and hugs are headed your way.


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Hey girl! I'm sorry to hear about the results. Just in case I didn't tell you, my cousin has been on gemzar with good results after her second recurrance. She also says it's not bad. Bonnie also remember that there are even more chemos to try. Don't give up! I'm going to need you when I have a reccurrance. I'm still waiting on the baby (Adam) to arrive. I think that they're waiting for 38 weeks which will be this coming Thursday. My daughter is so tired of laying in bed. Take care and good luck! Your in my prayers! Paula

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Hi Bonnie, I have ovarian cancer. My cancer ct. was3048. After surgery and chemo it is now 11. I had my fair share of tears, God love ya, been there done that so they say, better days are a comming. God bless!! Diane

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thanks everyone for the encouraging words and support. Also one correction to my typing.. I wrote no areas of cancer and it was no new Cancer..... DAH! Don't we wish no cancer. Can't type and can't read now that's getting bad. LOL

Again thanks so much. Take care adn God bless


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I'm getting in on this a little late, but I hope you know I'm pulling for you, too! One of the women in my support group took gemzar for a while, and said it wasn't bad, compared to some of the others she's had. I'll suggest some humor, too - how about Wallace & Grommit - I haven't seen "Curse of the Were-Rabbit" yet, but the other movies they've done with them are very funny. Laughter is the best medicine!

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