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Radiation vs. wait and see

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I recently had "the surgery" and now I am at a decision point regarding radiation. I can either get radiation starting next week or I can take a wait and see approach. I am stage "1b" which sounds like something my doctor made up to keep from saying was on the cusp between stage 1 and stage 2.

So, does anyone have any experience with this decision? Any "I took the wait and see approach and this is what happened..." stories or any other related stories would be most appreciated. If you simply want to point me to your personal page, that would be fine.

Thanks in advance,


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hey, im at stage 3b, i just recently had "the surgery" aswell, on the 29th of december. im heading to a cancer clinic in Minessota in like 2 days to go through anther surgery to remove lymph nodes from my stomach, i have teratoma cancer from a tumor found on my sex chord. buddy just keep your head up. this is very hard. i understand. im only 21 years old, hey im not a doctor but i hate the "wait and watch" opinion the doctors give. id get it done with man. i will be praying for you. good luck my friend, and remember your not in this alone, im here with yah

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I was n your shoes, lost lefty and was told i had stage 2 , i regret i didnt take the time on my choice 2 do rad, my doc told me that it was the best thing i could do not to have the big c spread, or come back, my only issue at the time was to get everything done to get on with my life, and fooled myself into believing, that my life would be as it was before the Big c.
Knowing what i know now & looking back to all the adverse long term effects from rad, i wouldn't do it then or ever again, ? but who am i to say if i'd still be here if i didn't do it catch22.
Well my brother pray on your choice, get a 2nd or 3rd opinion and hang in there, go to the chat room here and ask questions and speak your mind, there's a few of tc survivors that hang out and we will always be there 4 u.
Love , Prayers and Brotherhood
Mark A.K.A abartender

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Following my initial surgery to remove my left testicle, which upon biopsy, was determined to be a teratoma diagnosis, I did a "wait and see" to avoid the toxic effects of combination chemotherapy. Just three months later it was learned that it had spread to my abdominal lymph nodes and I had to undergo the mother of all abdominal surgeries to remove ten lymph nodes from the inside of my spine. To add insult to injury, I still had to have the combination chemo!

He who hesitates is in for a lot of pain!


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Hi, My name is Ferrell. I'm just looking for someone to lift there spirits, your not alone. I'm a six year survivor of this treatment. Yes, I'm missing my left testis. I went through radiation.
Anyway, I'm active duty Army for eighteen years now. I deployed to Iraqi in March 2003 to MArch 2004...even though most people were like; What ARE you doing? I mostly replied, I'm alive and my job is to serve my country..I love it...I know your email posting was in January 06. email me if you like.. ferrell.r.dees@us.army.mil


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