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I131 and Salivary Gland Removal

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I had my thyroid and multiple lymph nodes removed 7-05, my I131 was at the end of 8-05. Following I had 3 wks of pain and difficulty from my submandibular saliva glands, then it was fine. 12-05 both left and right sides became very painful, docs have tried antibiotics then pregnisone with no relief. It is so painful I have not been able to eat much for 3 weeks now. An ENT tried opening the end of one gland, this did not help at all. It is still painful with hard lumps under in my neck. The ENT is saying that both glands need to be removed. Has anyone had this happen, or had glands removed because of the I131? If they are blocked, can’t they be fixed, or is removal the only option? I am very nervous about this but the pain is getting to the point I can’t handle much longer.

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To be honest, I have not heard of any of us needing to have salivary glands removed. Please consider joining this group, and asking the members how they have dealt with this. I know that heat helps, you will find certain foods are known to be 'triggers' to make this work, and other helpful tips are available from some of the members:

Here is another link that may be of help:

Salivary gland troubles are a known issue with RAI, but there are many, many things to try before undergoing surgery for this. I hope you will ask the above mentioned group before you agree to that drastic of a step. All the best to you - there are other ways to deal with salivary and partoid gland swelling.

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