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Sigh of relief NED again ~

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I don't post all the time but try to read the board as often as I can. Quick review of me :o) 40 year old female diagnosed Feb. 2004 at 38 rectal cancer with mets to liver stage 4. One large mass in liver 3 small ones had 12 rounds of chemo 8 before my liver resection 4 after. Liver resection Jan. 05 one year ago. Monday had whole body Pet/CT scan and no evidence of disease once again. Liver fully grown back. Thank you GOD. Now every little ache I have I guess is all in my mind. Please have hope all you stage fourers........ Doreen ~

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Doreen, Congrats on the GREAT news; and thanks for posting the positive story for us! Judy

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That is fantastic to hear Doreen!

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Thanks for the inspiring news. Great results!

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I just read this to my husband and he was glad to hear this. He knows he will have to get the operation on the liver if they can rid the liver of the hundreds of small cancer cells and shrink the 3 larger ones down to operation size. Hes not looking forward to that. But then he knows that could get us closer to our dream of traveling.

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Excellent news!


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Wonderful news..I am stage 4 and appreciate you posting your results..Audrey

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Hi you guys!

I have a quick question re: what you think of a picc line vs a in-chest port. What are your experience with them and how did you choose one over the other?

Thanks ahead!


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Great news, Doreen. I'm so happy for you!


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Congratulations Doreen!!!!!!!!Nothin better than meeting up with the NED guy! Even better coming to tell us that stage 4'ers are "rockin all over tha world!"

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Congratulations on your NED status! I understand "sigh of relief". But I am hooting and hollering for you, too!

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Way to go, Doreen!!! You give us so much hope. Thank you God for helping our friend here!!!! Terri

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Wonderful and awesome news- so glad you were able to have a resection- good luck with many more NED's

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