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Dealing with Colostomy and hysterectomy surgery

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I just need to hear from others who have gone through this surgery and what their experiences were. I would appreciate any input about depression and all the issues these surgeries put them through.

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I have had one for three years now. I actually have adapted quit well. I am 47 years old and it is second nature to me. I am part of the yahoo anal cancer group and we have easy to access discussions going on daily. This site is too hard to navigate.

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I had my uterus out years ago after my second child and didn’t have any emotional issues with it then. I’ve envied Diane (above) her colostomy since I finished tx and have dealt with the diarrhea yuck. I’ve seen hers and thought I’d rather have one of those for myself but am giving it a year to let things calm down. Maybe longer. Maybe a surgeon wouldn’t even do surgery on a radiated area if I wanted it so no sense even thinking about it! A lot of things about the post treatment have made me depressed/sad off and on but this isn’t one of them. I have been monitoring my hormone levels really close though and that might have a lot to do with it all. Keeping hormones in check post pelvic radiation is very important to do.

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Yes, please join us on the Yahoo site. It's www.groups.yahoo.com. You'll need to sign up for a password and all for the "anal_cancer" group. That's an underline not a hyphen between the two words.

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I'm new and my post is over a year old. I presume that you are managing and could probably tell me a thing or two. I had the colostomy/hysterectomy/part.vaginectomy surgery July 3rd,2006. The most devastating experience I have ever gone through. Anyway to speed things up a bit, I did experience depression and still do sometimes, but I keep as busy as I possibly can. Right now I can't bring myself to join social functions and meet new people because I am somewhat uncomfortable with the colostomy situation. I have to take laxatives in order for anything to come out and then it's coming out fast, full and often. So you see I'm afraid to leave the house before 1pm. Anyhow, I've been told that this situation may take some time for my body to adjust to the colostomy - even though it has already been 10 months. As far as getting through the depressoin - I just cried my way through and watched a lot of cable tv. Well, that's basically the core of how I'm dealing with Colostomy and a Hysterectomy.

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