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bowel obstructions

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anyone have problems with bowel obstructions? if you did, how were they resolved? how did you keep your nutritional status up?

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I had a really bad bowel obstruction adn ended up in the hospital for about 2 weeks. Are you talking more of dealing with constipation? Please clarify so we can answer your question right.


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thanks for replying bonnier. my mom has 3 small partial bowel obstructions because her cancer is pushing in on the bowel. the surgeon was not able to do anything surgically. they are treating her with meds and she has a g tube in her stomach to drain if it backs up, which is a million times better than the ng tube. no problems with constipation. some fluid must be passing through because she is having liquid/semiformed bm's and passing gas. thanks

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I have a colostomy r/t cancer. I try to eat veg, and fresh fruit. lots of water. good luck and take care. Diane

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