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Stage 4 w/Lymph Gland

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I am 44 y/o and was diagnosed with stomach cancer in mid-Dec; the tumor was removed during the holidays, and altho' small, it was stage 4 due to invasion into 18 lymph nodes.
I am getting opnions regarding best chemo/radiation treatments at this time.
I am hoping to find someone with similar lymphatic invasion that who can share their experience.

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I had cancer at the GI junction. My treatment was 6 chemo's and 28 radiations, followed by surgeryto remove parts of the esoph. and stomach, followed by 6 more chemo's. Mine was stage 3 with 6 lymph nodes involved. The chemo and radiation left my lymph nodes free of cancer. I am getting ready to celebrate 2 years of health at the end of April. My treatments were done at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. I could not have been happier with my doctors or the hospital.

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Hi there...Hope this note finds you feeling well...My significant other of 12 years was just diagnosed with stomach cancer in late December 2005. We were hoping that surgery would be the answer but unfortunately, last Friday, January 20, during the preliminary laproscopy, the doctor decided not to remove the stomach as the disease had spread to the lining. We are scheduled to see an oncologist on Monday. Though it is very difficult, we are trying to find a way to live with this. Any suggestions or words of advice that you can offer, would be most appreciated. God Bless You and I wish you continued health.....MARION

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My significant other was also just diagnosed with stomach cancer (adenocarcenoma) which seems to have spread to his liver and a couple of lymph nodes. His oncologist is prescribing chemo first (3-4 rounds of Cisplatin, Epirubicin and 5-FU) and surgery after that. Chemo will start Tuesday the 14th of February. Meanwhile we do want to get a second opinion (hopefully from a Dr. at UCSF Med in San Francisco). This is all very new and overwhelming, of course. As I imagine it must be for you and your partner.
Now that you have seen an oncologist, what have you been told? Do you feel you need a 2nd opinion?
Keep on keepin' on... Nathalie

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Iceballos I have been trying to e-mail you. However, I'm doing something wrong. Please respond I'm much interested on how you are doing.

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