Metastasis Pain

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I would like to hear from someone who has or had severe pain in hips and lower back, due to metastasis of PC, to the point that walking is difficult. What have you found that helps with this pain? I get little to no relief with 10mg Vicodin. I have outlived the average dx for my condition which started at psa of 24 and Gleason 9. I am only 54 years old. Our bankruptcy hearing is tommorrow so I need some good news about possible relief and dont want sympathy just the truth. Thank You for any help you can provide.


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    MARK;I just was looking to find if anyone was having back pain from pc, my husband,age 73 has finished rad. treatments and has two of the shots ,the one that he takes every 3 months for 2 yrs; he saw the dr for test and psa was 0.17 however he is now having hip and back pain ,I know this is no help to you ,hoping you can shed light on his plight. you are in my prayers
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    I have been told that bone pain can sometimes be helped with local radiation and chemo. Also found out about a new drug called Remicade which is given with IV over a period of 16 weeks in 4 treatments. Visit It is with Dr. Mario Eisenberger protocol J0310. Thanks for getting in touch and I wish you both all the best.