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any recommendations for philly treatment

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My dad was just diagnosed with lung cancer this week. He has been in the hospital for the past week in order to drain fluid from his lung.

An oncologist visited him in the hospital and basically wrote off my father. We attempted to ask this doctor several questions as this is all very new and very scary for my family. the doctor either would not answer our questions or just said "it did not matter at this point." The doctor said he was a stage 3 or 4 but would not be specific.

We obviously do not feel comfortable going to this uncaring doctor. We live in the south jersey/philadelphia area.

Has anyone had any good experiences with oncologists in the area? I feel helpless! Does anyone have any suggestions? We really don't know what to do or where to go to get my dad the best treatment possible.

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I'm so sorry about your Dad. We just had a very similar experience at a Philly hospital! The doctor was just horrible. Where is your Dad? I wonder if it was the same doctor. Is there any way to email you? We are getting a second opinion very soon, and it will also be in Philly. Try to stay as positive as possible.

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Dear Kimmy:

Get on the "horn" and start asking all your friends, family and family doctors for a recommendation of a BOARD CERTIFIED Oncologist in the Philly area. There are fabulous Drs out there, you just have to find one.

You can, by the way, report that Dr. to the Ethics Committee of the AMA which has a way of censuring unethical (i.e., uncaring) Drs.

Also, please try to keep the faith. I have heard of and spoken with many, many people that were give up for gone after a LC diagnosis and they are alive YEARS later.

Prayers for you and your Dad.

Best regards, Madelyn

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I sooo know Kimmy....:( as my dear father in law was diagnosed on 12/30.
Write this down.....Dr. Ronald Cantor... Jefferson Hospital...Philadelphia.
He took care of my beloved Mil for 7 years..with true care, love and concern. Now, sadly my Fil is in his care. Dr. Cantor is a wonderful, calming, fantastic oncologist.
He will level with you...
He will give you hope.
My very best,

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Dear kimmy9, How are things going with your father? Just wanted to let you know that we went to Fox Chase for a 2nd opinion, and the Drs. were WONDERFUL. They gave my Mom LOTS of hope---a totally different story than what she got from the OTHER hospital in Philly (it was not Jefferson). Please email me so I can give you some more information!

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thank you so much for all of your responses. We decided to go with Cooper in South Jersery for treatment. We tried jefferson, but decided Cooper was a better fit for us. We had an appointment with fox chase, but my dad was comfortable with cooper and it is only 10 minutes from his house, so he canceled that appointment. So far he has received radiation (10 days of it) and has had chemo (carbo/taxol) twice so far (every three weeks). Unfortunately, he was not eligible for a clinical trial that is being offered at cooper - they combine standard chemo with Avastin (sp??) it is supposed to cut off the blood supply to the tumors. Just wanted to put that out there in case anyone is looking for a clinical trial.

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