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I was wondering I know that the CA125 is a blood test that gives a possible clue that Ovarian Cancer is present but what do the numbers mean.I was talking to my sister last night,I had encouraged her to get copies of every test or anything done while she is going through this process.Well she went to see her surgeon yesterday they set up surgery Februaury 7th,anyway she pulled out the sheet that had her CA125 results on it in the beginning her number was 938. and after her 2nd chemo it was down to 316. , they seem rather high but I don't know the signifigance of them ,can anyone tell me.God Bless You All!

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This 'cancer antigen' should be between 0-35. It can fluctuate for a variety of reasons, including the common cold, stress, etc. Mine was 48 when the cancer was discovered. After surgery it jumped to 220 (normal to do so). After chemo it stablized between 14 & 18. I even had as low as 11 one time. But now it has steadily been climbing up to 19, 20, 26, which is one of the reasons I'm going in for surgery again. The extreme decrease in numbers for your sister is great! After chemo they will continue do regular CA-125 BT's to get the 'normal range' for her. They will watch for a CONSISTENT rise, as the numbers can go up and down constantly. It is only a small part of the diagnostic process (symptoms, etc. play a part also). Some women have had high numbers (in the 100's) and have NOT had cancer. Some have had low numbers, like my 48 and had a problem. So, just hang in there and take it one step at a time. Be glad that she is responding to the chemo, so much so that the numbers are decreasing. That's good news!

Keep us informed, and you and your sister are now in my prayers. God bless.


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CA125: 35 and under is considered "normal". I was 1050 before surgery. 75 after surgery, and around 30 after chemo.

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Hello, My ca125 was 3048 after surgery and chemo it is now down to 11. My doc told me that a range 0-34 is considerd normal. Hope this helps. give your sister lots of love hugs and support God knows she will need it and never love you more for it. God bless. Diane

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