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God Has Blessed Us All!!

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Hi, to those who do not know me I was diagnosed May of 2003, squamous cell carcinoma of the tonuge, stage 2.
I just want to express my Blessings to each and everyone in this group. As I sit back and read the stories and the journeys that each one had been on, I have gained so much strength from all of you. I just want to say Way To Go, keep the Faith, and strive for survival because that is what all of us are about. Although we probably would have chosen a different path in life, each one of us have become teachers, and inspirations to others. Walk proudly, although down a dark path of diversity, know that we are all in this together....God Bless

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I am so greatful to God as well. Thank you for you inspiring salutation. I was just wondering if you could inform me more of your story. I have a friend that has squamous cell carcinoma of the tonuge as well and am trying to find out as much as possible to help and support him. The Doctors are talking about surgery to remove his tonuge in about 10 days. Let me know if you can send me some things you may have already. Thanks and may God Bless you and yours.

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I underwent surgery for squamous cell carcinoma of the entire left side of my tongue. Then the doctors rebuilt my tongue with tissue from the inside of my left forearm. Then the covered the forearm with a graft from my left tigh. I have a stomach tube for 8 months after the surgery. I also had a couple of lymph nodes in the left side of my neck which turned up positive and they were removed also. I underwent 38 sessions of radiation therapy after the surgery. I just saw my oncologist today and he tells me everything looks good. No more tumor in the mouth. I had a great head and neck cancer specialist at UCLA. His name is Dr. Joel Sercarz and he was the best doctor I came across during this whole ordeal. If your friend has his whole tongue removed, he will need alot of therapy. I am undergoing speech therapy right now and making progress. I can eat pretty good. I stay away from crunchy foods, spicy foods (spicy foods will cause mouth blisters that hurt like hell), real hot and citrus foods. Your friend will probably need a trach, as the doctors will be careful about swelling after the surgery and will want to make sure he will be able to breath. Good luck.

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