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problems after nephrectomy...anyone else have this?

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Hi! I had a full nephrectomy 5 months ago and I am still severly swollen on that side. I am numb (feels like when your hand goes to sleep) from my hip to 1/2 way down my thigh all the way over to my groin area. This is all the time... I have not had feeling since my surgery. I have sharp stabbing pains all the time in this area. I have swollen lyphm nodes all over my body. Anyone else have any of these things? If so how long before you were back to normal? I can take pain.... I was even discharged from the hospital without pain meds because I did not take any while I was in there after the surgery. But, I do not know how much longer I can go with this feeling. I always slept on my left side and now I can not. Any type of pressure (even from my jeans) causes pain over the numbness. Please HELP!

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Yes - I've asked my doctor but I am not getting the answers I need. That's why I wanted to ask people who have been through the same process what their experience with exercise has been, and if anyone has had any results getting rid of the bulge. 

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I had a noticeable bulge on the right side of my stomach for a few months after my operation. It went, although my waist is far from symetrical now as I look at it. At the time I was told it was probably a hernia.

Scott Firman
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To all those experiencing issues after having this issue my heart goes out to you. I have been having an ongoing Chronic pain issue due to my Partial Nephorectomy for 10 years. I have been battling my symptoms since my original surgery. A painful Bulge at the site,snapping stretching feeling,lost of feeling below the site but burning and constant pain at the site. I have been on Opiods medication and ended up on disability die to this procedure. I am saddened to see others still dealing with this painful procedure and the fact doctors do not tell their patients what to expect from this procedure and the possible out come. Please feel free to contact me @ sfirman9@gmail.com if you need any information I may be able to share with you concerning this issue. Stay well.

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I had numbness also, but much more localized.  It went away for the most part after about a year.




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stuff left from all the surgeries.  And I'm happy.

The ropey scar tissue that runs for about 14 inches up to my right side; the atelectasis (retracted 3" of the right lung) from them separating my ribs to access the liver and gall bladder and nodes that were affected by cancer; the muscle spasm on occasion from the ribs being separated; the adhesions from previous laser surgery in the abdomen; and oh yes, the numness and tingling from multiple surgeries.

I have leaned that Tincture of Time fixes a lot of these items.  But some never really quite go away.  The atelectasis will never go away, so I won't be running any sprints; some of the adhesions were removed with subsequent cancer surgeries; and a stiff neck/back can wipe me out for a few days.

I realize that many of you want solutions to the problems immediately; and I do hope you can find some resolution or relief.  But as Gomer would say, "Golly, Gee." did they get all the cancer and are you going better?

p.s.-It's been 10 1/2 years, and I've learned to live with a lot.

Hugs to all,


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Anyone else having problems seeing new posts on this thread? Last post I can read is Donna's on 2-16-17 but on the main Kidney Cancer forum I see that HerniaLady has a post on 6-4-17. 

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You can see her post on the previous page. Right after Footstomper (RIP). They don't necessarily go in order. She must have responded to a particular post so that's where it was placed.

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Oh I see. I didn't realize a post could be out of date order that way. 


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I just had my surgery last 8/18 for RCC. My incision is under my rib cage and looks like a zipper running across my body. There were 55 staples removed. I still have trouble standing straight and have the numbness and stabbing pain on my left side. I was told by my doctors that it will take a while for it to go away. By reading all the comments it seems that it will take months. I guess I just need to be patient. My surgery was really extensive since my left renal vein was also cut off due to renal thrombosis. A small part of my colon was also removed  due to no circulation. The almost 10mm tumor was pushing into it. The good news is there's no metastasis. I'm petite and couldn't believe I have the big incision adding to my  C section  scar below my belly button. I'm thankful the surgery was a success. The recovery is painful and tiresome. 

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Magayon, after what you've been through I'm not surprised it's still painful. Fifty five staples, part of your colon and renal vein removed, that's pretty tough surgery. Hope you feel better soon!

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Has anyone else observed how many people have (had) posted only once or twice never to be heard from again? particularly since the topic has had over 50,000 reads!

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Yes, now that you mention it. I didn't notice before.

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i have bin useing 100% cbd oil when i feel the pain completly legal and does work on me it started knumbing the pain in about 1/2 hr to hour.it just absorbes into the skin.also works on alot of other pain,which i have had for a while 

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I had a partical nephrectomy of my right kidney over two years ago and still have pain mainly in the drain site just above my right hip on the outside. I work as a Mechanics Teacher and went back to work way to quick. I still am forced to take pain meds daily but the amount and strenght has decreased over time. I have never taken anything stronger than T3's which is 375 mg of tylenol and 30 mg of codine. Some days I can get by with just regular Tylenol if I am up and busy. But by the end of the day my drain site which is about belt level can be pretty sore. Kind of like an ache! It can radiate into my lower back too. I have used ice and heat and they help alot. Recently I have started using a personal Ultra-sound device and it helps alot. But I would suggest you talk to your doctor about this. I have dealt with chronic pain for over 20 years because of another issue and I can tell you being as active as possible is key to pain management. If you give in competely to your pain it will be more present and your recovery will suffer as will your quality of life. Pain can be your friend if you listen to it and manage it. If you have to take large amounts of narcotics to get through the day something is wrong. Being completely pain free is great but not if you have to live on narcotics. Having to take them once in awhile at the end of the day is pretty normal. Be careful as most doctors are clueless when it comes to managing pain. YOU have to learn to manage your own health care and demand help with being trained to manage your pain and do whatever physical activities are needed to speed up your recovery to normal activity. Learn to listen to your body and when you need rest TAKE IT!! Learn to use ice and heat to manage your pain. I have a site from a preavious surgery that is still numb after 20 years. But only once every few months does it give me pain and only when I do activities that I know I should not do. HANG IN THERE and get help!

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 I I've had the bulge for almost 2 years now. I went to a surgeon and after looking at the results of a recent cat scan He told me that the problem was paralyzed muscle. The muscle on my right side is basically dead and unable to hold things together.  When I turn over in bed the bulge moves from my right side to my stomach. I wear a blinder at night now and it helps while sleeping. He said there was nothing that could correct it and I would be stuck with it. He said it was caused by a nicked nerve. I have been in pain every day and have difficulty  bending and driving. It is always in the way. A lot of numbness also.


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