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problems after nephrectomy...anyone else have this?

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Hi! I had a full nephrectomy 5 months ago and I am still severly swollen on that side. I am numb (feels like when your hand goes to sleep) from my hip to 1/2 way down my thigh all the way over to my groin area. This is all the time... I have not had feeling since my surgery. I have sharp stabbing pains all the time in this area. I have swollen lyphm nodes all over my body. Anyone else have any of these things? If so how long before you were back to normal? I can take pain.... I was even discharged from the hospital without pain meds because I did not take any while I was in there after the surgery. But, I do not know how much longer I can go with this feeling. I always slept on my left side and now I can not. Any type of pressure (even from my jeans) causes pain over the numbness. Please HELP!

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Hi. I had the numbness also. It lasted about 6 months, I think. I had a bulge that I worried about, but if you read this site, you will see it is common. I used to sleep on my right side but now I can't. I have CT scans every 3 months. Hope all goes well.

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hi, hannah,
i also had the exact same thing, i am coming up on my 12 month mark and still have no feeling in that same area, i can however sleep on that side now, it just feels very peculiar. weren't you the lady that had a nephrectomy that wasn't needed? i had the weird pains and tinglings for 6 months and even after that if i lifted something heavy or overdid it in any way. everyone is different. i saw several e-mails from people who were back to work in 3 weeks with no pain etc. at first it made me paranoid, but everybody's situation is different.

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Hi! Yes I'm the lady that had the nephrectomy that did not need it. I'm just worried that something else is going on.... the numbness is getting worse not better and the side pain that I had that started all of this is back just as bad as it was when I had my kidney. The "bulge" is getting bigger too. Guess I dont understand why. I was hoping to chat with some people who has went through this and can give me some insight. Because, needless to say, I'm afraid to go to the Doctor.... I'm afraid they will tell me I have cancer some place else. I did have a biopsy on several lymph nodes in December because I have them enlarged all over my body. Which came back OK. But I'm not sure I can handle hearing the big "C" again for awhile... I was told cancer 2 times in 6 months (rcc & lymphoma) which turned out not to be....THANK GOD! Well, thanks for all your help and sharing your experience with me.

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hannah, check out the kidney cancer site at http://cancerguide.org/kofaq/ it is great

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I am also a lady who had the partial nephrectomy who did not need it. Turns out it was an oncocytoma, rarely cancerous. My problem now is the BULGE! I had the surgery in 2006 and every year this bulge is getting larger. Like a few people have said, it is not too bad in the morning and it grows steadily thoughtout the day. It is severely disabling, sometimes it makes me nautious and it always hurts. I find myself holding it all the time. i was told it was muscle damage as a result of a nerve being damaged and there is nothing that can be done. I find this hard to accept and I can't believe there is nothing anyone can do. Has anyone heard of a treatment?

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It has been 17 months since my nephrectomy. I still have much numbness in that area. Also, I was a side sleeper before my surgery. Now I have much pain when trying to sleep on my side. I fell as though they put a drawstring in me and I am puckered too tight on my right side inciscion.

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I had radical left nephrectomy 5 years ago. Still numb in some areas. The swelling took about 6 months or more to go down. I can now sleep on that side easily. I can say that it took two years before I felt normal and had my energy back - my surgeon said that was very normal. Hang in there - your body has had a major shock and it takes time for it to adjust fully.

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I am 3 years post op, and still have a lot of numbness, tingling and PAIN in the nephrectomy site. I too am hoping for an end in sight. Hang in there, i've heard that it is normal.


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Hi Hannah,
My name is Lisa and I had a partial nephrectomy on my right kidney June 7, 2004. I experineced everything you are. I am still in pain and take pain meds. It gets frustrating, but they've run all kinds of tests and don't know why I'm in pain. Keep in mind everyone is different. And healing does take time. Take care and I hope you have some relief soon.


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My name is Theresa and I just had a partial nephrectomy two weeks ago. I am young (34) and am very healthy (other than this). I exercise, non-smoker, eat healthy and even gave up alcohol to prepare for recovery from my surgery. I am a little bummed as my surgeon did not tell me that this could be possible. I found out by Googling since I was in such bad pain last night and came across this discussion. 

I had robotic surgery that went very well and I even got to go home a day early. I was off pain meds within two days but started them back up last night. The pain is worse now than it has been at any point since the surgery. I was worried that maybe I had an infection so I took my temperature which indicated no fever. 

I have oxycodone but that obviously cannot be a long-term fix as I do need to get back to work and be able to drive. I was curious how people were dealing with pain management?

I do have a great acupuncturist but cannot drive there right now and will be limited to where I can have the needles at this point. I really hate taking pain meds unless a last resort. 

Thank you all for sharing your stories as I have learned quite a bit from all of you.

I know that I need to be patient but today was rough for me. 


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I'm glad you found us.  My expereince is similar to yours, other than the pain did not return (well, a few weeks after my surgery I laced up my running shoes and started to run again.  My body wasn't ready for that and I had a sharp pain for a couple days) 

My advice would be to give it another day or two and if the pain continues, I'd contact your doctor.  The pain shouldn't come back like you describe, so something doesn't seem right.

Good luck and keep us updated.


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Hi tjeresa. Im Lisa im two weeks post op from partial robotic nemprectomy . I feel like I am now right where you were when you wrote this. Im laying here sure hoping this gets better. My pain is different every day. Right now im having what feels like kidney spasms. Pain in the kidney that had the cancer. Did your situation get better. I feel so nervous. Idk why, maybe just what your body went through. I also have headaches. Any info you can give me is appreciated 

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Almost at 4 weeks with regular(non robotic) partial and it does get better. the first 2 weeks I was pretty laid up, needed help standing sometimes. God help you if you start sneezing or hiccuping. If you're taking oxycodone pain meds they may be giving you headaches. My dr told me to walk and my wife harassed me to doing 1-2 miles daily when possible. helps a lot. when i started i used a cane for when i got tired and so jerks didn't run me down crossing streets slow. Now nowhere near 100% but walking is not an issue. pain is still there, but fading. Usually just a problem when i sleep. Hope this helps anyone with similar issues. Hope you're better now. 

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14 months post radical nephrectomy (traditional). No numbness, no lump anymore. It all went away after about 6 months and I was able to sleep on the surgical side again at that time. I had a lot of pain where they cut off the rib to get into the kidney, which felt "sharp" for about the same length of time and prevented my sleeping on that side. Perhaps this is what you are feeling there? Good luck on this and keep your spirits up. We are alive and this is a cancer that can be beaten if caught in time, and remember, it was in an organ for which we have a "spare". How lucky are we??

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It is comforting to me that what I am experiencing is not uncommon. I have the numbness and the lump as well and was not prepared for either (my radical nephrectomy, laparoscopic, was just 6 weeks go). My numbness is dissipating gradually but the lump is not diminishing. Does anyone know if there's anything that can be done to help it along? Also, my lump is just below my belly button and to the right (makes me look quite lopsided). Does this location seem normal?

Indeed we are lucky. It's hard to keep that in perspective sometimes when "normal" is something different from what it once was.

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I had a partial mephrectomy 8 weeks ago, I still have bulging and pains all around the incision site across to my stomach and I often get dull pain in my back too. The bulge seems to increase as the day goes by or if I do too much. I went back to work this week but was exhausted and in pain after 4 hours. I like to be active so its all quite frustrating. I suppose 'patience' is the key word for us all here and we need to take it easy and be kinder to ourselves.

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Hi Katie,

It sounds like you should be checking with your doctor about your complaints. I had a partial nephrectomy in Oct'07,and did have a problem about two or three months after surgery...urine leakage had formed a pouch in my abdomen.....It was resolved, and now I am fine.....cancer free and healthy. Call your doctor. It may be nothing. Good luck. Nonatoo

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I had a open partial nephrectomhy due to RCC.  I have a scar from my mid back to mid stomach (10 inches).  The pain is still there and I find it worse when I "work too hard", or if I sneeze or cough.  The lump is definetly there and it looks like a banana under my shirt on my left side...lol!  I'm glad to see that I'm not alone.  My Doc didn't tell me all these side effects.  Good luck to all.  BTW, my surgery was 1/17/2013 and I'm due for my 1st scan in August 2013.

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I seem to be having a lot of pain in these areas after my surgery.  The doctor told me that is normal because of all the scar tissue, nerves and the fact that the veins all connect.  I havent seen that as any listed side effects.  Is this also a side effect?

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Ah er.. yes..  that was the main symptom that got me to the next level doctor..  my one testie was tender and appeared to be enlarged.  The Urologist said no big deal.. right.. but he did get me that important first CT Scan that told me it was a big dea.  As your dr stated, all connected..  Bet it passes in a couple of days..

Be Well..


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Glad I missed out on THAT one!


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The testicles of a little person from Texas hurt and ached almost all the time. He went to the doctor and told him about his problem.

The doctor told him to drop his pants and he would have a look.

The doctor stood him up on the examining table, and started to examine him. The doctor put one finger under his left testicle and told him to turn his head and cough, the usual method to check for a hernia. "Aha!" mumbled the doctor, and as he put his finger under the right testicle, he asked him to cough again. "Aha!" said the doctor once more, and reached for his surgical scissors. Snip-snip-snip-snip on the rightside... then snip-snip-snip-snip on the left side.

He was so scared he was afraid to look, but noted with amazement that the snipping did not hurt.

The doctor then told the him to walk around the examining room to see if his testicles still hurt. He was absolutely delighted as he walked around and discovered his boys were no longer aching.

The doctor said, "How does that feel now?"

The little person replied, "Perfect Doc, and I didn't even feel it. What did you do?"

The doctor replied "I cut two inches off the top of your cowboy boots."


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...The numbness in the skin area can be referred to as , "superficial cutaneaous nerve syndrome." That means the sensory nerves in the skin area have been disturbed from surgery. They may never return to normal but should not be of any consequence after awhile. Just weird to get used to. As time goes by you won't notice unless you look for it. The testicle discomfort can be from the renal vein which affects usually the left testicle. Some get a vericele. I think that is how it's spelled. A vericose vein in the scrotum which can be very uncomfortable. But like the previous nerve pain, after awhile, it just is. You forget about it and move on. It seems to go away. Some of us have had so many different surgeries that if we focused on all these changes, we could go crazy. Eims for one never lets her vericele bother her.....LOL!!! Just keep moving forward. So many changes to our world. So screw it. Deal with it. It is not a functional problem.

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I have gotten much comfort from hearing from others in a similar situation and felt obliged to share my own experience:


2 and a half years ago I had a nephrectomy of my right kidney and lost both a great deal of weight and strength from the 11 hour surgery. Afterwards I also experienced general swelling in my legs and testicular area. The testes seemed to stay swollen for a significant amount of time and in fact, the right side seemed to remain a bit swollen up until a surgery 2 years later to remove a tumor in the same area. About 8 inches of colon was also removed.

While I recovered my strength much more quickly after this surgery, which only took a few hours, I had greater swelling in my testicles and on my right side, where the surgery had been performed. I had a drain in the hospital and was "seeping" significantly up until I was discharged and then began to develop a significant bulge and my right testicle also became enlarged, though not especially painful. Four months later things have not changed much and none of my doctors seem too worried by this. I have also noticed a numbness since I have gone off the pain meds.

Reading here that this takes some time to subside has helped to lessen my concerns, especially since I am generally feeling well considering I am 2 and a half years into late stage kidney cancer.

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I too had a partial nephrectomy for an oncocytoma.  You should not think of this as surgery you did not need, yes, you absolutely needed it because the chances were 90% or more that it was RCC.  We got the really, really lucky straw there.  I absolutely not regret having that surgery one bit.  There is also some question about oncocytoma, in ten percent of cases it can harbour chromophobe RCC and there are also some researchers that feel oncocytoma may make a malignant change.  So getting that out was the best thing.  That said, I also have "the bulge" and the leg numbness.  I am sixteen months out now, the numbness is still improving slowly at this point.  I do daily massage and soak in Epsom salts.  For the bulge, well, I think it might be here to stay.  I also notice it is worse as the day goes.  The muscle just is not as tight as it was.  Small price to pay for escaping what is a terrible disease.  

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yes I have the same symptoms but I have just a partial removal for my kidney cancer its only been 4 months but I think it just takes time to heal and I still have to do cryogenics but I know what numbness you're talking about but it starts to dissipate and then I also exercise during my process and drink water Exedra

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Hi, I just had surgery 9 days ago and 3 days ago was feeling pretty good. I am not on any pain medicine and only stayed in the hospital 2 1/2 days. 3 days ago I started having a lower back ache which has progressively gotten worse each day. I can barely stand or walk. My doctor explained that this was kidney spasms, part of the healing process. I am not buying  it because it is getting worse each day. Did anyone else experience burning and aching pain when standing or walking? When I am sitting I am ok.

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I too am having some intense back pain after my partial nephrectomy on June 8. Felt I was progressing well and bam this Tues I could barely stand or move. went to doctor on Wednesday. He believes it's muscle spasms. im getting better but very very slow. A spasm will just come out of nowhere. So it's frustrating. I have a acupuncturist whom I hope will help. I'm also thinking some kind of therapeutic massage or physical therapists. I'm realizing that a surgeon is just that a surgeon. When it comes to other things their not quite as professional. I'll keep you posted. Hope you feel better soon too. Sucks.


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Nana4life and others, you are right. A surgeon is just a surgeon so to speak. It is not always in their training to know, except adhesions which is no uncommon after surgeries.

I have gone to alternative health providers who use LAZER LIGHT treatments to help the nerve endings that have been severed or disturbed by surgical procedures to heal or "communicate" again. Its simple, painless and works. But you just have to find someone who does Lazer Light treatments.

So make sure its not adhesions.

Good luck, Jan


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I’m no expert but I’d be very careful with massages soon after surgery. You could be healed on the outside but still healing inside and you don’t want to end up with internal bleeding. I’d definitely check with my doctor on the idea of massages before getting one. Ditto on physical therapy.

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The surgeon did advice a massage. I had all tests to make sure it wasnt internal bleeding or urine leakage first. But you are definitly right in being cautious. I think the massage therapist should be a professional who deals with cancers and traumas. Thanks for clarifying. Ive had massages where they did much more damage than good.

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My surgery was in July 2014.  In early January this year, I had the most intense back pain in my life.  I had to stay home from work for 2-3 weeks because the pain was so intense.  Was it because of my kidney surgery?  I don't know, but I could not think of anything else that could have caused the pain.  It eventually went away.

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My problems started on August 15, 2015. I got up and around 6:30 and had to pee and noticed that is looked like blood was coming out ( I weigh about 280 pounds). I went back to bed and slept for about two hours and had to go again and this time I couldn't go. About an hour later I was about to pop, I had to go so bad but couldn't go. After much praying and straining blood clots came out and I was very weak. I managed to get back to bed for a few minutes and thanked God I was able to go. I knew something was wrong. Later I called my brother and he told me to get to the ER. My son took me there and they did a scan on me and told me I had a growth about the size of a golf ball on my right kidney and needed it removed. They gave me something for pain but nothing that would help me pee. After much testing and a day of body scans they finally schedule the surgery on September 21, 2015. After surgery I woke up in recover room and never been in so much pain in my life! I saw a man walk be me but couldn't ask him to come here for a minute because I was in too much pain. All I could do was hiss at him. He finally came over and noticed I had tears running down my face and he gave me something for pain. After I got back to the room I  was fine. I was released the next day and went home (90mile drive to home) and went straight to bed. I notice a small bulge (or swelling)where the incision was. After they took out the staples I noticed that the bulge has gotten bigger. I am concerned about it and wondered does this bulge go away or will it stay there? Can anyone help me with this? It seems to get bigger as the day goes on but in the mornings is seems a little smaller. It makes me look deformed.



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I had an open partial nephrectomy and a bulge at the incision for a long time. It will be 2 years from surgery in March and I still have a small "sausage" shape above it. But it was much bigger in the beginning and you're only 2 months or so out of surgery. Give it time; it'll get much smaller. I honestly don't know if it will ever go completely away but to me it's a small price to pay for getting a cancerous tumor out of my kidney. Best to you in your recovery!

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I had odd problems for well over a year. Numbness/loss of feeling on my abdomen? I had that for a long time. It's still there 3 years later to some extent but a bit better than at the beginning.

Had other weird problems. Definitely didn't feel right for a long time after my nephrectomy.

I think it will get better. However, if you have specific problems I'd ask the doctor about them.


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My surgery to remove a benign nephroma was in 2011. I noted lack of sensation on my flank and slight swelling after I was home and mostly recovered.  I hoped that the area would reenervate, which it has on the skin surface, but the muscles below are still weak. Now I have a flank bulge. I thought it might be a hernia, but after reading on this site, I determined that this is a not uncommon side effect of the open cavity surgery.  For those who have this problem, too, sharing what works and what doesn't is a benefit of this site.  I can tell you that, for me, wearing a constricting undergarment, like Spanks, to hold the buldge in causes me side aches.  Sitting in airplane or car seats without freedom of movement causes aches and pains.  

Losing even a few pounds helps reduce the bulge.  It is worse two or three hours after a large meal and feels better after a bowel movement.  I borrowed a friends "Tens" unit for a few weeks to see if I could stimulate muscle tone.  I did not notice any improvement.  On the basis of what I have read on this site, the condition is permanent, not amenable to surgical repair, improved with weight loss and exercise.  I did not expect this but I could not have managed the growing nephroma much longer - it was pressing into my diapharm and stomach - so, another trade off that I can just deal with.

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I too have been battling the flank bulge after having my kidney removed due to injury.  The surgeon never advised me that there could be such complications and I have been plagued by them for about 10 years.  I had a mesh sewn in by a plastic surgeon about 10 years ago and I have since torn through that and have surgery schedueld again.  The bulge is unsightly on a small frame and made worse by my intense exercise.  Pain is a constant companion.

You might want to consider the newer type of mesh they have come out with that is supposed to be super strong.  Ha, I'll let you know in about 10 years how it holds up.  

Something else to consider - stem cell therapy.  I am signed up for that and the doctor thinks he can make a difference for my muscle contractions.



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But it went away after a few months

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i am going in for surgery to remove the bulge and hernia in a couple of weeks.  My original surgery was 17 years ago and 1 year after that developed a hernia which was fixed.  It seems the hernia repair patch worked for a while but now the buldge is bigger and hurts, like when you eat or exercise, even sleep. Sit to long, etc.  He felt another small hernia,  He said he can put a patch under my 6 pak (lol) didn't know I had one, and tie off somehow to remove the buldge from the hernia I now have.  It has to be open surgery not orthoscopic and he said the patch should work since it is under muscle and not on top of it.  He told me the buldge is my intestines and fluid just filling in an empty space left there.  Hopefully these days 2016 and 17 they might be doing nephrectomies different because of this, hopefully this will work, will write you after my surgery to let you know.  NOT looking forward to having another surgery.  

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i came to this site to find information after my emergency nephrectomy in July. I was hemorrhaging in my left kidney which created a blockage. Pain was severe. After the CT scan I was told I had RCC with a 5.6 cm mass. After surgery I was told no cancer cells had spread to the fascia, fat layer, ureter or lymph glands. i do have a rather large hematoma on my right upper abdomen that the doctor thinks will go down, but it is being checked a few times since surgery. i do have a hard knot just above my belly button that is a small hernia. The doctor is watching it closely also. I have an internal stitch that is poking through the incision that I hope will dissolve in the next few weeks. I also have a numb spot on my back where the kidney used to sit. It bothered me a lot after surgery but is better now. 

With all that being said, I went back to work after three weeks and have done great so far. My biggest fear is if I will have a cancer recurrence in another area. I have faith everything works out the way it is meant to be, but I still have a nagging fear. Has anyone here had cancer in another area after RCC, and how long after surgery was it discovered? Have any of you had a hematoma after your surgery? Did it go away on its own? 

My doctors tell me I'm very lucky to have had the hemorrhage or this would have had a different outcome. My surgeon speculates I had had the RCC for about six months.

I'm enjoying my life and stay busy working, sewing and making greeting cards and enjoying my family.

Thanks for reading my little book and I hope all survivors are having a great day today.


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About 2 - 3 months after my partial nephrectomy I became severely anemic so they sent me to hospital for transfusion. While there they did a CT scan and found a hematoma larger than my original cancer. It did get reabsorbed and yours will too. As for fear of it returning, I think every single one of us has those thoughts. Unfortunately there are no guarantees with this sneaky disease. We can only hope and go on with our lives the best we can. Hugs to you.

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Thanks so much for your response. I'm a very positive, optimistic person so that helps me to keep my head up and not stressing about what I can't control. One day at a time!

Thanks again.

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Hi Debbie,

you are Stage 1, and thus chances of recurence are very low. Some Stage 1 guys here were given following numbers - chance of complete remission for the rest of their lives is around 95-98 %. 

It means that I (who never had kidney cancer, I'm just a caregiver) have bigger chance to get breast cancer in my life than my husband (who had Stage 1 kidney cancer) has a chance of recurrence!

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thank you so much. I want to think my doctor may have said that on my 1 week follow up. I was so medicated and had not been sleeping. Also developed sinus infection while in hospital. I was a mess for two weeks. i didn't remember everything he said. I'll take those numbers any day.


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and I was told that it was perfectly normal after surgery (mine was a partial robotic lap. procedure) and would go away on it's own.  Sure enough, but the time I had my follow-up scans, there was no sign of it.  :-)

Stage 1, chances are slim for cancer recurrence.

God bless,


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It's always a good idea to have someone along to be another listener to what you physician says at an appointment. If you don't have a significant other, find a friend or family member you can trust to be less spacey, stressed, and/or distracted than you might be.

Works wonders, especially since even on a good day, I'm often in a "SQUIRREL!" mode.

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I never go alone. If the news is good, I never here the details. If the news is bad I never hear the details.

"SQUIRREL! mode" ?? This means two things: to my whippet (a small greyhound) and to a squirrel meeting my whippet

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I had a partial nephrectomy due to a giant angyomiolipoma six months ago. I had a bad post-surgical infection (septicemia) and was in hospital for almost 20 more days.

I feel generally fine now - still not my usual energetic self but the Doctor says that is normal.

At the beginning my whole right side (from the groin to my ribs) was completely numb. That has improved a lot and now it is only one section that is numb and a bit sore below the incision, more towards the front (abdomen) than the flank or the back. I too have the horrible bulge; it varies in size (smaller in the mornings and sometimes huge at night), and levels of discomfort (sometimes really painful and uncomfortable, sometimes barely noticeable). 

I also find it hard to accept that nothing can be done about it. One of the things I miss the most after surgery is exercise! I used to exercise at least 2 hours every day before the operation, and I feel I have lost my strength (I literally cannot do one sit up and a plank hurts like hell) and my confidence (I feel terrible trying to jog with the ball on my side). I have spoken to my doctor about it and his answer is basically "get used to it".

I would like to know if anyone has found any effective treatment (I have been advised electro stimulation and a compression garment might help, and been advised against surgery). At the very least, I'd like to know how not the make it worse; for example, if exercise helps or not, and what type of exercise I should do or avoid. 

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Did you do the breathing exercises with the gizmo they give you when you leave? Otherwise I think your questions would be better addressed to a doctor.


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