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please respond

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hi. PLEASE help me figure this out, this is so confusing. my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer sept 2004. had surgery and carboplatin and taxol. responded well, in remission until 11/05. resumed chemo treatment (carboplatin) 12/05. had problems with nausea and vomitting. thought it was the chemo. but just got worse. ct scans,xrays show no obstruction. can't keep anything down. in hospital for a week now with ng tube down (her biggest complaint). today had surgery surgeon did expect to find tumors, she did three encasing portions of her bowel and "peppering or "studding" of the tumor on lining of stomach but nothing outside the abdominal cavity. dr. couldn't remove anything but did put a gastrostomy tube in to alleviate the discomfort of the ng tube and to use for meds nutrition if needed. dr. said that we need to get her a little stronger and start chemo asap. i asked dr if there was reason to be optimistic she said yes, she responded so well to chemo the first time. i'm trying to be optimistic, but i can't help thinking is this the beginning of the end. please, do you think there is any hope? thanks

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I know how you feel. My Mom many times had surgeries or spells where we wondered if it was the beginning of the end. She had the Last Rights (a Catholic Sacrament) 3 or 4 times and yet she continued to fight the disease. It was so hard not to wonder if her time was near. I hope that your mother does well with her latest medical problems and is able to heal and handle the chemo. Good luck and God Bless you and your mother.

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thank you!!!!

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Yes of course there is hope, especially if a doctor has said there is hope. I also had stage 3 ovarian cancer and I have been clear for almost a year now and I feel good. I am always trying to be positive. Stay strong and focussed for your Mum because she will need it :o)

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