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hi everyone.. i have a question and i was wondering if you could help me... My mother was diagnosed in the primary stages of it with cirvical cancer she was 18 and imediatly had it removed... but my question is this.. if she had it at that age what do you think my chaces of having it are? do you think i will most definatly have it or just high risks... i have so many cancers that run in my family but this is just one of them..and it happens..to be the one closest to me..if you have any ideas please tell me.. ^^

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Hello there! I'm not sure of the actual genetic implications for cervical cancer, but I will tell you IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO GET YOUR ANNUAL PAP TEST!!!!!! That way, you'll be covered, regardless. That's how I caught mine in its early stages . . . and if you catch it early, the cure rates are around 97% or so. Early detection is your best weapon -- at least you have a heads-up to encourage you to be checked!

Best of luck!

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thank you for your help it is greatly apreciated and i will definately remember ^^

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Cervical cancer is not a genitic thing.
It's caused by a virus that's transmitted during sex.
I have had cervical cancer and had a tracheletomy last month.

But like the other one said - have your pap's done - very important :o)

Kind regards, Aklkryger

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Correction--FYI ---I have cervical cancer and didn't get it from a virus or sex. NO HPV here. I have only had 1 partner in my life. My pap test didn't show displasia cells, just "a typical". I was in the less than 2% of the women who have a rare form of cervical cancer-adenocarcinoma. My gyn/oncologist said that they only catch 50% of the cervical cancer via pap smear. Heavy bleeding is a big sign of cervical cancer. Make sure you let your gyn know the family history. If they know it then they will check in more detail.

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Lucky us - I too was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma- i believe- it is more aggressive and more difficult to diagnosis
do you know anything about metastis rates on this type???

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